[Doujinshi] Far away and right besides


This time, we warmly welcome two new members in our little group: Rat who is the new editor in training and Ancaro in the position of proofreading. Today’s doujinshi is by Atoki and as far as I can remember, I already scanlated one of her works :) As always, there’s not much plot going on and I was confused a bit, so don’t worry if you don’t get what’s happening either.

Download Link: mega | mediafire

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title: とおくすぐそば (Tooku sugu soba) [Far away and right besides]
circle: アトキンソン (Atkinson)
release date/event: 2016-03-26
pairing: Yukari Yakumo x Reimu Hakurei
from Touhou Project


edit: Rat
translation: dareka00
QC: bronx819, Ancaro, Mai88
scans: Mai88


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