Like what we do, want to help us spreading Yuri and work in a friendly and active team?

We’re currently looking for:

  • An experienced editor to help us with cleaning and typesetting our Yuri projects.

You will be tested in all positions.

Please apply here with past experience, motivation and how much time you’ll be able to spare for scanlation work. We will also try to match your interests if you have any preferences in genre. For further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the same contact form.

If we don’t have opened recruitment for your desired position, individual applications are always welcome too.

Role descriptions and requirements:

Editor (Cleaning and/or Typesetting)

  • Experience in cleaning required. You should be able to use the stamp tool (or any other method that works) to recreate pattern and art. Redrawing is unavoidable, so you should at least have a graphic tablet or know how to use the pen tool.
  • You should know how to level a page since we often use physical scans.
  • Typesetting skills are optional but desirable. They’re fast to acquire, though.
  • Photoshop not necessary if you know how to do the same in other programs.

Proofreaders (Native English speakers only):

  • with a firm grasps of English grammar,
  • must be active too,
  • experience not required, but should have a decent level in English.

Your job will be checking the translated script and suggest changes in communication with the translator. As a proofreader, you should also be able to act as a QCer, someone who’ll check the final version of a typeset manga.

Translator (Jap->Eng):

  • With a decent knowledge in Japanese: at least N2 level (subject to change), though you don’t have to have the certificate.
  • You don’t need to be Native English speaker. You should be able to convey the meaning properly and work without our translators’ help (but our proofreaders will give you feedback).

As a translator, you’ll be given a list of possible projects from which you can pick your desired work. Our focus lies on Yuri Doujinshi and original manga. Series can be picked up as well by interest. We won’t work on any genres that any of us feel uncomfortable with, e.g. Guro, violence or explicit het.