[Doujinshi] Reimu-san wa Ashi ga Itai | Update 2015

001No Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru chapter 07 today…seriously, the scans hurt my eyes :(
I just noticed that I’m more motivated to do scanlation stuff when I’m ill. I mean, lying the whole day in your bed is boring :/
Anyways, my exams are soon (mid-February) and university takes all my free time away, but I’ve planned to translate C87 stuff and other doujinshi I/we’ve bought in Japan, either as a one-person “group” or in collaboration with YuriReviews.
Of course Yuri, but the collaboration is still just planned (update: actually, one work is in progress). I’ve almost finished scanning my doujinshis so far and looked up if another group is already interested in them, but it doesn’t seem so.
Expect more YukaReimu, a lewd Alice-centered book, a SuzuKuma compilation and if I still feel too bored, I’d like to do コキュートス and the rest of 残光ノイズ by Kodama Naoko. [click here to see their covers]
As for lyrics, I do have a lot of C87 albums, but not the time to translate them all. I think Amen and Mai-san (not me :D) will do/have already done some of them, so make sure to check out their pages too! My favorite song of this C87 is ヨビゴエ and I may start with it.
I’ve also planned to do a Japanese course at my university next semester, but I have to survive my exams first.
That was the update, now to the actual release:

title: 霊夢さんは足がいたい。 (Reimu-san wa Ashi ga Itai.)
[Reimu’s foot hurts.]
circle: アトキンソン (Atkinson)
release date/event: 2014-10-12 (紅楼夢10/Kouroumu 10)
pairing: Yukari Yakumo x Reimu Hakurei
from Touhou Project

download from mega | mediafire (v2 because I forgot the credits D:)

read online at dynasty-scans

scans, translation & edit: Mai88
QC: Lena K.

Please do not re-upload this without my explicit permission.Thank you. Will be the same for every other work too.

PS: it was my first time scanning a whole doujinshi…you may notice some grey parts on the right/left side, that’s only because I didn’t want to destroy my whole book :/
And…typesetting sucks ;A;

5 responses to “[Doujinshi] Reimu-san wa Ashi ga Itai | Update 2015

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  2. How many chapters are left for volume 2 of Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru? If you want I can buy and send it to you. The only thing is it would have to ship until April, when volume 5 is released.


    • I’ve counted, 7 (and some extra pages at the end) are left. And I can’t ask you to buy anything for me >-< (Thanks anyway!) I'll try my best reading the lq scans! It's just a bit time-consuming to do everything on my own, though…


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