Group name means “Tenderness of Yuri” (aka Tender Yuri Scans), blog is led by the group’s editor, Mai88.

We’ve opened a discord server: https://discord.gg/rpdhdhn, join us if you like!

Started as a one-man group focusing on doujin music and occasional doujinshi collaborations, translator Dareka00 and proofreader/typesetter bronx819 joined me in late 2015, lending me a helping hand with Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru.
Soon after that, we also started to work on Touhou doujinshis and Dear My Teacher, thus The Zärtlichkeit du Yuri was born.
Please refer to the link for an almost complete list of our projects.

TZdY co-founders:
Mai88 (main editor)
Dareka00 (main translator)
bronx819 (proofreader, typesetter)

September 2016:
Rat (editor)

January 2017:
Altair (proofreader)

March 2017:
A916 (proofreader, translator)

April 2017:
Arashura (translator)

March 2018:
Raida (editor)

May 2018:
Trafalmatore (translator)

June 2018:
Inugami (translator)

July 2018:
antarctica (proofreader)

September 2018:
Tsubasa Cat (translator, proofreader)

April 2020:
SagaTympana (proofreader, qcer)

Guest translator and editor:

Ancaro (proofreader)
Quagger (proofreader)
Zuranyan (typesetter for KimiTame only)
Sukoshirii (cleaner)
Kimmy (proofreader/editor)
Totalbodyworkout (proofreader, translator, typesetter)


We’re good friends with Yuri Reviews and Yuri in Wonderland, so check them out too! Don’t forget to pay White Garden a visit as well!

If you have any requests or questions, let me know and I’ll give a feedback as soon as possible! (per comment, contact formular or twitter preferred)

Group banner is designed by Tetsugaku, thank you so much!

People I’d like to give a special thanks to:
Lena K.

Our releases follow Yuri Project‘s conventions:
–greyscale pages in png-8, 32-bit
–color pages in jpeg
–2000px height if possible
–sfx will be cleaned if possible, if not, translation will be added next to the sfx
–we use American English.

updated on 18-09-22

12 responses to “About

    • currently Final Fantasy 13^^
      Apart from FF 10/10-2/12/13, also Dragon Age1/2, GTA, Assassin’s Creed1-4, Rappelz, Skyrim, Wasteland 2, Left 4 Dead 1/2, uhm…what else :D and some other games I can’t remember anymore :D


      • That’s quite the plethora~there’s so many xd
        Bonus: Here’s my own recent gaming log with mixed genres:
        untranslated Yuri VNs, CosmicBreak, KanColle, ShiroProject (recent dmm game by KanColle developers), Elsword, God Eater 2 Rage Burst Trial ver., Bullet Girls, and Hotaru no Nikki


  1. Funny. I was just playing PoDD before coming across this blog. Female Touhou players represent!


  2. You like Kanji! How dare you! Good thing you crossed that out :P
    And there’s nothing embarrassing about this post, so don’t worry ;)


    • Would be a lie if I’d say I dislike them :P
      aaww, still, I’m unsure whether it was a good idea to have published it or not D:


      • Well, it’s not like the people now know exactly who you are, so don’t worry ;)
        Only I know that MUHAHAHA- um…yeah… sorry about that :P


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