[Doujinshi] I Scream.

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream. -Ancient American proverb (Altair)

Being Nozomi is suffering. Sequel can be found here. Please buy the books if you can to support the author.

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title: I Scream.
artist: Nekomura (Sleeper.)
original work published on: 2019-08-10
pairing: Kasaki Nozomi x Yoroizuka Mizore
from Liz to Aoi Tori (Liz and the Blue Bird) / Hibike Euphonium!


edit: Mai88
translation: Dareka00
proofread: A916, bronx819
QC: Altair, Raida

raws: cgc from exhentai

2 responses to “[Doujinshi] I Scream.

  1. Hello, I come from a scan that speaks Spanish and I would like to work on that project in our language. I ask you if it would bother you that we take your translation to be able to work it and if it is a manga o a oneshot


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