[Manga] Vampire-chan × Junior-chan ch08

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title: Vampire-chan × Junior-chan
author: Takano Saku
original work published on: 2017-10-30 (Dengeki G’s Comic 2017-12)


edit: Mai88
translation: Dareka00
proofread: Altair, A916, bronx819
QC: Altair

4 responses to “[Manga] Vampire-chan × Junior-chan ch08

  1. I love this series will you guys be doing the rest of the series i see its up to chapter 11.5 in raw mode will the English translation be coming soon thanks in advance 🙂.


      • Oh awesome thanks for the quick response much appreciated and when they translated do you know which website may post it first, I faithfully read all my yuri manga on Dynasty Reader, thanks 😊


        • We request our stuff on ds too so don’t worry about any delays. If you want to read immediately though after they’re released, you can subscribe to us. I usually upload our stuff on mangadex too for another online reader option.


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