[Manga 18+] Torotoro no Koi ch03


Do not read this if you’re under 18!

In this chapter we start understanding a bit of Tsubasa’s mysterious past and the answer to Misaki’s big question!

edit: updated both links

Download ch03: mega | mediafire

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title: Torotoro no Koi (Syrupy love)
story title: Dorodoro to Koi
author: Gyuunyuu Rinda
original work published on: 2015-07-25


scans, edit: Mai88
translation: dareka00
QC: bronx819, Ancaro, Altair
raws: bronx819


6 responses to “[Manga 18+] Torotoro no Koi ch03

  1. hello, thank you very much for this update, and for all your work.
    Baka writes “one Volume : Complete” is it true?
    How many chapters?
    Thanks again.


    • Hello, thank you for your comment. As Bakamanga already said, the series is completed within one volume. There are 7 chapters of the story we’re currently scanlating, but there are some other oneshots in this book as well which have a lower priority.


      • very well…I’m looking forward to read them all.
        I’ve just seen that you are already taking care of almost all the “regular” chapters … I adore you.
        maybe, time and resources permitting, I’m pretty curious about those one-shot you mentioned.
        Anyway…THANK YOU AGAIN!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Of course we will translate the other stories eventually, but there are other projects which are currently worked on, look forward to them as well!


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