[Original Doujinshi] Will These Words Reach You

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title: Will These Words Reach You
author: Honnokimochiya
original work published on: 2018-12-29 (Comiket 95)


translation: Tsubasa Cat
edit: Mai88
proofread: bronx819, antarctica
QC: Altair, SagaTympana, Raida, Chinomeri
scans: Tsubasa Cat

4 responses to “[Original Doujinshi] Will These Words Reach You

  1. Wow, I really loved this one, maybe its that its an enviable dream in a way where you find someone where you least expect. I agree with the commenter earlier, the way you had the multi-level translations was excellent.

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  2. Truly beautiful. I really felt the soul of the premise: “Because we can’t understand, we can only be direct and honest.” How freeing. It can’t remain that simple of course, but as a beginning, a foundation, it’s enviable.

    Thank you very much, and my especial compliments on the wordsmithing of this translation. The quality of the phrasing was on par with a Lililicious release, and that is just about the highest praise I can give.


    • I forwarded your kind message to our translator and proofreader team, and we’re happy to receive such praise! Thank you very much for your support!


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