[Manga] Strawberry Fields Once Again ch08

Don’t forget to support the author by buying vol.1 of this series so she can continue creating this and other fluffy yuri manga! Ebook is also possible on amazon.co.jp. If you have trouble purchasing, just leave a comment and I’ll try to help.

Download ch08: mega | GDrive

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title: Strawberry Fields Once Again
author: Kinosaki Kazura
original work published on: 2017-09-03 (@vitamin)


translation: A916
cleaning: Raida
typesetting: Mai88
TLC: Dareka00
proofread: Altair, bronx819
QC: A916, bronx819

5 responses to “[Manga] Strawberry Fields Once Again ch08

  1. Pretty please! Continue to translate this wonderful manga. Thank u very much for the work u have already done!! I will also continue to wait even if it would take years


  2. Please continue to translate this manga!!!, I found a page where it goes until chapter 20 but it is in Japanese.
    I will continue waiting for the next chapter.
    Thanks for the previous translations


  3. Please update this, i want to see the next chapter about this manga. Thank you for translation this


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