[Original Doujinshi] Shells and AlternaRock ch04 + Status

It’s been a while. Thanks for the donations. We’ve ordered interesting stuff from C93 (looking at the JC x wife doujinshi by Irua and Cat Vampire one by Takano Saku), and Comitia 123 is today. There’s still so much stuff in our backlog, like Vamp chan<-still stuck in cleaning hell. Haruzo’s Touko-san Can’t Take Care of the House chapter 2 has been announced for Comitia 123 as well.

Broken batoto links have been replaced and we’ve also created an entry on mangadex. Feel free to check us out there too if you like.

Note: You can support the artist by buying their chapters on their booth.pm for 200Yen! Or buy the whole tankobon on amazon published by Comics Yuri Hime in June 2017.

Download ch04: mega | GDrive

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title: Kai to AlternaRock (Shells and AlternaRock)
author: Nako (nak.moo)
original work published on: 2016-08-14


translation: Totalbodyworkout
cleaning: Rat
typesetting: Mai88
TL check: Dareka00
proofread: A916, Altair
QC: Altair, bronx819


6 responses to “[Original Doujinshi] Shells and AlternaRock ch04 + Status

      • Ye, thats what i meant, seeing like the 8th part was released over 2 years ago i thought there would be atleast like 2 more by now and maybe you just stopped doing them, so thanks for the info


  1. Hi, thanks for this new chapter.
    It’s a bit that I don’t visit your site to comment, but I want to tell you that I always follow you and I am very grateful for all the scanlation you make me enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

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