[Doujinshi 18+] A Bouquet of Cleomes

Happy New Year! Thanks for accompanying us until today and I hope we’ll have another great year full of Yuri! A huge thanks goes to the Zärtlichkeit-staff, it was an awesome year! Some members only joined us in 2017 but I hope we’ll be able to work on Yuri for a long time!
Also I know about the url of this blog which I love to change to something “zärtlicher” (lol), but it’s not possible with the free plan atm and kind of a hassle. Maybe someday in the future! I would have never imagined to manage a Yuri scanlation group and created this blog/website only on a personal occasion ;w; – Mai88

Suku suku everywhere! – Dareka00

2018… the year when yuri conquers the universe. And they are forced to change its name to, the yuriverse. – Totalbodyworkout

Señor Suku

Our mascot, somehow: Señor Suku. Cheers!

Do not read this if you’re under 18!

Download Link: mega | GDrive

title: A Bouquet of Cleomes
circle: Genmaicha (Mogu)
original work published on: 2016-12-31
pairing: Nozomi Toujou x Eli Ayase
from Love Live! School Idol Project


edit: Kimmy
translation: dareka00
proofread: A916, bronx819
QC: Mai88, bronx819

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