[Manga] A Secret Just Between You and Me ch03

Download ch03: mega | GDrive

title: A Secret Just Between You and Me
author: Nekomura (Sleeper)
original work published on: 2017-09-25 (COMIC E×E 09)


translation: Dareka00
edit: Mai88
proofread: bronx819, A916, Altair
QC: Altair, Altair’s sister, A916


10 responses to “[Manga] A Secret Just Between You and Me ch03

  1. This art beautiful and the story is nice. Thanks for all the work you did translating and editing this. Wonderful result! Can’t wait for more.

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    • Thanks, I’ve asked around though it doesn’t seem like any of our translators have the time atm to work on them. Did you already try /u/?


      • Yep. I posted raws there a month ago. And nothing. So I decided to clean the pages and give them to some group (yuriproject in this case). At least they will have a less work on them. But two main translators are busy with other projects now. I will also try to ask Bunny Love, Incorporated.


    • You could take this and the other one to Bunny Love, Incorporated. They might be interested. If not, I bet Divulge Scans would do it! If you got Discord going, give me a shout. I can QC and PR and would also like to see these releases through.


      • Bunny Love, Incorporated: refused.
        Divulge Scans: No response after 5 days.
        Even if I’m working on other projects right now I decided to typesett them. Someone just give me translations.


  2. Heya guys, i just want to say thank you so very much for this work, awesome job! :)
    Also, have a wonderfull holiday

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