[Doujinshi] Pink Strawberry

Comment by Totalbodyworkout (Vivian):

This story is like, definitely with an element of tragedy to it, but much gentler of a story overall than i was expecting from a “mental illness girls love anthology.”
It’s a really nice story.
Normally i think cheating in relationships is extremely wrong, but when it comes to a married woman in Japan dating women because she’s secretly a lesbian, I think that’s a little bit different. Not that her husband’s feelings might not be sad, but because there’s still the strong remnant of compulsory heterosexuality and socioeconomic discrimination against women who do not marry men in Japanese society.
So a lot of the women who frequented, say, lesbian bars in japan in the 1980s and 1990s and probably afterwards as well, were involved in sham marriages for their own survival and assimilation into society but went behind their husband’s back to love other women.
Sort of like Ryoko does in this story.
This has been today’s installment of “Vivian’s infodump.” Thank you, faithful reader.

Download link: mega | GDrive

title: Pink Strawberry
author: Haru (HappyYellowRabbit)
original work published on: 2015-02-01


translation: Dareka00
edit: Mai88
proofread: Totalbodyworkout, bronx819
QC: A916, bronx819
raws: bronx819


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