[Manga] Two Spirals -Middle Part-

Next issue will be out on the 25th May (17th June (?) for digital scans). Don’t forget to add a few days/weeks for the scanlation process. For the next issue, we might have a few more yuri series in the magazine. I’m especially looking forward to the Nekomura one.

Download Part 2: mega | mediafire

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title: Two Spirals -Middle part-
author: 20twenty (match)
original work published on: 2017-03-25 (COMIC E×E 06)


edit: Mai88
translation: dareka00
proofread: A916
QC: bronx819, A916

5 responses to “[Manga] Two Spirals -Middle Part-

  1. Thank you so much for translating that Manga. The stories of that author have always some twist in it. Besides that I really like the drawing style. In short I really like the author. So thank you very much for the work you put in it and that I learned through you about that awesome Manga-Ka. Thanks

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