[Manga] Vampire-chan × Junior-chan ch01

Here’s a very important comment about this chapter from our translator:
Dem legs.

This chapter was a huge one so that’s why it took so long, but next chapters are a bit shorter (~30p). It’s a new series by Takano Saku (aka Waterfall), published monthly in Dengeki G’s Comic.

As you might have guessed, KimiTame is stalled for now since we’re pretty busy. If you like to help us, applications are always welcome. Currently we’re looking for a cleaner for KimiTame and maybe a third translator since both of ours are busy! Two Spirals ch2, AlternaRock ch2 and another RemiSaku are in progress, expect them next!

Download ch01: mega | mediafire

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title: Vampire-chan × Junior-chan
author: Takano Saku
original work published on: 2017-02-28 (Dengeki G’s Comic 2017-04)


edit: Mai88
translation: dareka00
proofread: bronx819, Altair, A916 (aka Team BadAss)
QC: bronx819, Altair


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