[Original Doujinshi] Shells and AlternaRock ch01.5

01And here comes part 2 of vol.1!

Note: You can support the artist by buying their chapters on their booth.pm. Seriously, it’s not even much (200Yen) and you can also read ahead!

Download ch01.5: mega | mediafire

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title: Kai to AlternaRock (Shells and AlternaRock)
author: Nako (nak.moo)
original work published on: 2015-08-16


edit: Rat
translation: dareka00
QC: Ancaro, Altair, bronx819, Mai88


7 responses to “[Original Doujinshi] Shells and AlternaRock ch01.5

  1. well, it is not so bad, Five books aren’t few.
    And, personally, i prefer a short story to an endless, that is likely to never see the end of, or worse …goes on hiatus!


  2. pg 19, “I love to have a meals at bars”. I think that’s “to have meals” or “to have a meal”?


  3. yeah! i like it…i’m looking forward for the sequel.
    Thank You.

    Seems to have a total of 5 books (or rather chapters) … have I got it right?


    • You’re welcome! There are 5 volumes out at the moment, but it still seems to be ongoing. The author recently released vol.5 one or two weeks ago, so it’s still being updated I guess.


      • I do not know how can be accurate the google translator, but, about the fifth book,
        it says:
        “最終巻です。” …”It is the final volume.”


        • Oh where did you see this? Sorry, I haven’t really checked any news or the author’s twitter yet. I just saw it being uploaded on melonbooks.com, but I haven’t bought it yet. But yes, that means it’s the last volume.
          edit: nvm, I just saw she added it to her booth.pm.


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