[Manga] Madder Memory

coverThe story with the girls on the cover. Please listen to some sad music while reading.

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Download link: mega | mediafire

title: Akaneiro no Kisu wa Okujou de (Madder Kisses on the Rooftop)
story title: Madder Memory
author: Momono Moto
original work published on: 2016-10-18


edit: Mai88
translation: dareka00
QC: bronx819, Quagger, Altair
raws: ruranobe.ru

5 responses to “[Manga] Madder Memory

  1. Thanks Mai88, take all the time you need…I don’t mind waiting (but not too much, I beg you!!), cause I can guess that even a few pages require a huge amount of work.

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  2. sob sob sob … too sad … too … too sad drama + tragedy, at this time in my life I would prefer a little more romance + comedy: D
    But personal tastes.
    Thanks as always mai88

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      • maybe Torotoro no Koi first …

        … I know that I contradict myself, and that is certainly not a romantic comedy … but I’m looking forward to reading the final, hoping to be a happy ending :)

        By the way, any news about “Dear My Teacher 9”?


        • that’s still in proofreading, but once done, I’ll try to bring it out as soon as possible ;) And sadly no news about DMT9, we’re guessing it’ll get released this summer.

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