[Original Doujinshi 18+] I want to seduce you.


Do not read this if you’re under 18!

I was quite looking forward to this release! We’ll definitely want to work on more projects like this!

Download Link: mega | mediafire

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title: I want to seduce you.
circle: BQ (Kitao Taki)
original work published on: 2016-9-16


translation: dareka00
edit: Mai88
QC: bronx819
special thanks: Tetsugaku

2 responses to “[Original Doujinshi 18+] I want to seduce you.

  1. Said it on the Dynasty thread but I figured it’d be best to leave it here too, this release and many of the ones before it have suffered from stilted dialogue and could really do with a more thorough QC/Proofread before they’re released. About half the comments on the thread for this one mentioned how hard the dialogue and plot was to understand, and that’s a big problem.


    • While it’s true that we might have made some errors on the pages (fixed one crucial already) and I would like to apologize for this, our main focus is accuracy over overwriting sentences and thus being true to its Japanese meaning. I understand that we could use more QC and that’s why I decided to wait some days before releasing anything on dynasty. I’ll also wait for our second proofreader for the next releases if possible. Both our proofreaders are Native speakers, though mistakes are human. That’s why, if you have something in mind, I’d appreciate if you give us more concrete hints and parts we could improve instead of saying we should overwrite everything.


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