[Manga] Dear My Teacher 8


Finally vol.8. Due to an unforeseen circumstance that was beyond our control we are unable to upload Dear My Teacher or any of Ajiichi’s work on Dynasty Scans. For the time being, we will upload them to Batoto. Despite that, it won’t stop us from working on the next Ajiichi releases. I have high expectations for vol.9!

Download Link: mega | mediafire

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title: Dear My Teacher vol.8
author: Ajiichi (アジイチ)


translation: dareka00
edit: Mai88
QC: bronx819, Ancaro
special thanks: 0x6d6b, Tetsugaku

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17 responses to “[Manga] Dear My Teacher 8

  1. Is there also a Dear My Lady? Saw it on Ch.01 of Dear My Girl. Somehow on Dynasty there’s only 1 chapter of Dear My Girl, would love to read the 2nd one too..


  2. Hi. this is a great story. I hope it keeps going. What I wanted to ask is if you know where I can download the first 5 chapters? Tried the group page but it has been taken down. Thank you


  3. Hello :) ! It would be to have news on the suite of dear my teacher because I really hooked this story and I’m impassiente, I give you my address below:
    To know the date of exit,
    Thank you infinitely, you made of the exellent work


    • Hello, we don’t know anything about a sequel to DMT 8 yet. Ajiichi stated she aims for a release next year, so please wait until then to expect some more news.


  4. ” Despite that, it won’t stop us from working on the next Ajiichi releases.”
    lol, would be hella weird if it did


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