[Doujinshi] Barrier of Red and White ~Red Chapter~


And today it’s a YukaReimu doujinshi! We are currently working on the sequel, so look forward to it too~!

We’re still looking for editors (typesetter and/or cleaner), since we have a lot of projects planned in the future which will take a lot of time to finish otherwise (e.g. Nanashi no Asterism, some C90 Yuri stuff and Touhou/KanColle?). As the current editor, I will show you more details about editing and cleaning. What you need is basic knowledge in operating Photoshop, a good eye, a little bit of free time and interest in working together with a crazy- uh I mean, nice group :x We’re quite funny, easy-going and relaxed. As a fellow member, you can of course request your own manga too!

Download Link: mega | mediafire

title: 赤と白の結界~赤編~ (Barrier of Red and White ~Red Chapter~)
author: かじむらマーケット (Kajimura Market)
pairing: Yukari x Reimu

scans: YuriHouse
translation: dareka00
edit: Mai88
QC: bronx819


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