[Translation] 桜·華·彩

Thank you very much himmel for creating such a beautiful song, and for sending me the lyrics *A*

Special thanks to kimika who explained to me the pronunciation of the title!


  • 燕雁代飛 (燕雁两方)- I had trouble finding anything about this since this is clearly Chinese,
    even though pronounced in “Japanese”.
    This “yàn yàn dài fēi” is some Chinese idiom which means that two people cannot meet.
    As far as I understood, it’s about two migratory birds, the swallow flying southwards in winter (to a warmer region) and the goose southwards in summer (to a colder region), so it’s not possible for them to meet at any time.
  • 春の山 (vernal mountain) has actually a more pictorial meaning. From a dictionary: “Misty mountain with blossoming buds and flowers as it appears in spring”, but this was obviously too long to be put into the translation.
  • 秋の丘 is sung literally as “Hill of time”, but I prefer the meaning of fall at this part (秋 can mean fall [aki] or time [toki])
  • 曲がりくねった (magarikunetta) comes from “to meander”, but that doesn’t fit in the context of a military song, so I chose “to resonate”

title: 桜·華·彩
(Sakura Ka Getsu)
[Cherry Blossom Color(s)]
album: 4EVER – DJMAX Tribute Album
original composition: AKITO
remix: himmel
vocals: Alyssa
lyrics: komine
original title: 桜華月 (Ouka Tsuki, Cherry Blossom Moon)
source: DJMAX Online
event: Shanghai ComiCon15

春の風よ ふんわりふんわり

haru no kaze yo funwari funwari
izumi hotori no hana komichi ni
hizashi ga ha wo tooshite sosogikomu
hitotoki no yume ni dakareta

Gently is the breeze of spring
At the fountain nearby the flower path
Sunshine leakes through the leaves
Everything embraced in a short dream

ひとひらに 桜舞い

omoi wa ima ni kaeyuku
hitohira ni sakura mai

In this moment, feelings keep changing
Into one petal; Cherry blossoms dance

春の山 曲がりくねった川の岸辺に

haru no yama magarikunetta kawa no kishibe ni
koi ni ochita hitobito ga

At the shore of a river meandering in a mountain in full bloom
People were falling in love

そっと 誓約を吟唱していた
そっと 口付け 恋焦がれ
そっと 蝉声 心が酔ってしまう
そっと 触れ合い 恋心満開

sotto seiyaku wo ginshou shite ita
sotto kuchizuke koikogare
sotto semigoe kokoro ga yotte shimau
sotto fureai koigokoro mankai

Gently, pledges were being recited
Secretly yearned for a kiss
Quietly, the cries of cicadas befuddle minds
Softly touching each other, love is in full bloom

季節の色 いつの間にか変わって行く
変わらないものが きっとあったはず
さくらよ お願い 見守ってね

kisetsu no iro itsunomanika kawatteiku
kawaranai mono ga kitto atta hazu
sasayaita kotoba “zutto mamotte agetai”
sakura yo onegai mimamotte ne

The color of seasons changed before I noticed
Surely ,the unchanging things will stay
Words that whisper “I want to protect you anytime”
Please, cherry blossom, watch over me

ひとひらに 紅葉舞い

omoi mo takuseru darou
hitohira ni momiji mai

I’ve entrusted my feelings
Into one petal; Autumnal leaves dance

秋の丘 曲がりくねった軍隊の歌響き

toki no oku magarikunetta guntai no uta hibiki
kokoro yurasu koishibito

On the hill of fall, the sound of the army’s song resonates
The hearts of people in love are swaying

そっと 熱く躰を抱合せていた
そっと 口付け 愛の息吹
そっと 空を渡る 燕雁代飛
そっと 触れ合い 別れの視線

sotto atsuku karada wo dakiawaseteita
sotto kuchizuke ai no ibuki
sotto sora wo wataru engandaihi
sotto fureai wakare no shisen

Gently embraced warm bodies
Softly exchanged kisses are a sign of love
Lightly, swallows and gooses migrate across the sky
Quietly, our gazes parted unwillingly

季節の色 いつの間にか変わって行く
変わらないものは 見つからない
さくらよ お願い 見守ってね

kisetsu no iro itsunomanika kawatteiku
kawaranai mono wa mitsukaranai
“shinu toki tsuretette” to sasayaita
sakura yo onegai mimamotte ne

The color of seasons changed before I noticed
I can’t find the things that didn’t change
They whispered “It is time to bring death to me”
Please, cherry blossom, watch over me

そっと 桜 また咲いて咲いたね
そっと 満天の桜に祈る
きっと 季節を渡る風のように
きっと 想いは君に届ける

sotto sakura mata saite saita ne
sotto manten no sakura ni inoru
kitto kisetsu wo wataru kaze no you ni
kitto omoi wa kimi ni todokeru

Softly, the cherry blossoms bloom again
Quietly, I pray to the sky full of cherry blossoms
As surely as like the wind blows through the seasons
Certainly, my feelings will reach you

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