[Translation] 華爛漫~風音.天華~

Partial translation from http://dancedancerevolutionddr.wikia.com/wiki/Flowers
Special thanks to Myon.
Will also work on some Doujinshi soon. Or not. But first KimiTame 25.


  • 天華 (Tenka/-ke/-ge) means “Flowers that bloom in the heavens”
  • 江戸 (Edo) – former name of Tokyo
  • 扇橋 (Ougibashi) – a district in Koto, Tokyo

title: 華爛漫~風音.天華~
(Hana Ranman ~Kazeoto, Tenka~)
[Flowers in Full Bloom ~Sound of the Wind, Heavenly Flowers~]
album: Beat Fantasy-BEMANI Remix Anthology-
remix: himmel
lyrics: jun
vocals: Alyssa
original vocals: ТЁЯRА
original composition: jun
group: TEЯRA
source: DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA


nanairo emaki no you
nigiwau machi azayaka ni
kisetsu wa ouka ranman
koko wa Edo hana kouji

Just like a prismatic picture scroll
And a brilliant city crowded with people
With a scene of cherry blossoms in their full bloom
This is the Edo flower path


Ougibashi no ue ni hiiro no koi ga saki
kasumu sora e to omoi haseru

Above Ougibashi is where scarlet love blossoms
A hazy sky is where memories ride

ふわり ふわり 舞い踊る恋
ふわり ふわり 包む花びら
ふわり ふわり 薄紅色に
ふわり ふわり 染まる華小路

fuwari fuwari maiodoru koi
fuwari fuwari tsutsumu hanabira
fuwari fuwari usubeniiro ni
fuwari fuwari somaru hana kouji

Gently, softly; Love dances
Gently, softly; Embraced in flower petals
Gently, softly; A light crimson colour
Gently, softly; Is what the flower path is dyed in


kokoro shizumishi toki wa
kono machi e oide ya shanse
shita wo muku koto nakare
koko wa Edo hana kouji

Whenever you feel depressed,
Come to this town
Where you don’t have look down on anything
This is the Edo flower path


youki na kakekoe ni hazumu fue taiko
too mo kazoerya egao ni naru

Bouncing drums and flutes amidst cheerful voices
Count to ten and it’ll make you smile

ふわり ふわり 舞い踊る様に
ふわり ふわり 包む花弁
ふわり ふわり 金色湛え
ふわり ふわり 集う華小路

fuwari fuwari maiodoru you ni
fuwari fuwari tsutsumu hanabira
fuwari fuwari konjiki tatae
fuwari fuwari tsudou hana kouji

Gently, softly; As if they were dancing
Gently, softly; Embraced in flower petals
Gently, softly; Filled with a golden color
Gently, softly; We meet at the flower path

(しゃんららしゃらら) 行き交う
(しゃんららしゃらら) 華小路

(shanrara sharara) yukikau
(shanrara sharara) hana kouji

(shanrara shanrara) It comes and goes
(shanrara shanrara) this flower path.

2 responses to “[Translation] 華爛漫~風音.天華~

  1. Omg thank you so much! I was finally able to piece together the full song between this one and another romanji version. Idk if people heard two dif version of the song or what, but it’s as if no one oit thete has the FULL lyrics. But you had the missing piece. I had been looking for years. Bless you!

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