[Anticipation] Reitaisai 12 (例大祭12)


With April/May being one of the busiest months for me, besides my exam months (getting started to my new term, kancolle event, M3/R12), I probably won’t be able to finish KimiTame until next month

This post is mainly to keep track of my wishlist as the doujinstyle thread came a bit late (thanks to Babbe for the thread, though). I’ll do my best to keep it short (I know my M3 post was all a mess…).

[556mm/556ミリメートル] conquest -making perfect girls-

  • Some of the songs are former releases on Amateras Albums. Apart from them, I really love the 4 new tracks, especially MARIN’s upbeat trance song and track 7 with Hotaru Murasaki as well. Kirin’s track sounded good at first, but after having a longer preview on kirin’s soundcloud, I don’t like it that much anymore (because of Future House).

[Lapis moss] なないろミラージュ

  • This demo was surprisingly great! Besides the many guest vocalists such as Sakuya Kurosaki, Ayumi Nomiya and Hotaru, Kobakyon did all the arrangements herself this time, and they’re worth listening! My favorite tracks are 2 and 4.

[hajime-saku-] Desire Love

  • Wow, this was surprisingly great as well! I like how they tend to do electro stuff more and more, or get good arrangers as guests. 2nd song by Amane is brilliant; I also love the 3rd song, merely because it’s a Romantic Children arrangement; The 6th song reminds me a bit of LuciA (Bloody Moon); but I love them all.

[Yonder Voice] 蒼月の懺悔詩~Universal Nemesis

  • Cover looks gorgeous as always. I liked track 1 (by himmel) and the Dubstep track (#5) with a different vocalist this time pretty much. There’s also a former release (Field of God) which I still like. Deep Forest (#5) reminded me a bit of LC:AZE’s songs.

[歌恋人 (Mamemi)] luz

  • There’re many (Deep) House arrangements, not my favorite genre, but I liked Tracy’s track.

[ESQUARIA] EPIC FAITH [melonbooks/soundcloud]

  • As always, I guess. The preview on melonbooks differs from their real xfd they’ve uploaded on soundcloud, so we have two xfds. The order of the melonbooks version is a bit wrong, but taking a look on the tracklist, I like Kirin’s track the most (at 03:54) and then ziki’s remix of Echoes.

[Rolling Contact] BEST SHOOT Vol.1 (disc1, disc 2)

  • I was asking myself whether it’s a best of or not…but I’ve enjoyed the two previews pretty much. Many genres are included, like Trance, Hardcore, DnB or EDM.

[Eternal Melody] Necro Symphonia

  • Rockish Aoi-style as always, I wasn’t expecting a replacement for T.Piacere, so it was ok.


  • Well, check this out! He’ll sell his album on Reitaisai 12 too, and I’m happy for him :) I like track 1/2, 4, 5, 9 and 12 the most, and one transition reminded me strongly of Syrufit? (between 11 and 12).

[とらのあな/Toranoana] 東方幻奏饗UROBOROS参

  • Many people might have missed the pun that 幻奏饗 is pronounced as Gensoukyou. And with this, we’ll get a huge compilation album (4 CDs) of new releases by more than 40 Touhou Circles. I’ve already picked my favorite tracks:

109 – MISTERYCIRCLE/Mad About You/vocal.Mizuki
208 – Halozy/サクラ咲クユートピア/vocal.水瀬ましろ
210 – AdamKadmon/silent × 硝子雨/vocal.珠梨
302 – niente/PROMETEUS/vocal.mintea
304 – M.H.S(th口ホール工房)/Taibhse an sliabh/vocal.大瀬良あい
307 – SOUND HOLIC/AUROLA/vocal.Nana Takahashi
308 – CROW’SCLAW/Grass Dream/vocal.普透明度
312 – 回路-kairo-/ハメツワルツ/vocal.556t
314 – オーライフジャパン/妖怪山日暮れ色/Instrumental
401 – C-CLAYS/Urgent Voice/vocal.小峠舞
402 – Poplica*/cry for the moon/vocal.綾倉盟
405 – GET IN THE RING/traumatic/vocal.みぃ
406 – EastNewSushi/Never Ending Story/vocal.夕月椿
411 – ClearLeMel/Unknown Girlfriend/vocal.黒崎朔夜

I especially love ENS’ and Halozy’s track, but O-Life.jp and M.H.S are on the same level regarding awesomeness.

 [ZYTOKINE] hundred hundred

  • Wow, the preview sounded great! Already the first track blowed my mind away ^_^ Really looking forward to this one!

[C-CLAYS] 蘇say -ソセイ- | Aja -永遠- 

  • Oh yes, I love the cover (because of YukaReimu)! Also their trend to do a full EDM album this time. Best decision ever!

[DiGiTAL WiNG] デジウィ BEST

  • Again a best-of album…at least they have included two new track at the end.

[twinkle*twinkle] Fortune Music selection of Nachi

  • Well, actually this is a collection of previous releases (as the title already says) by Alstroemeria Records, Studio “Syrup Comfiture”, ALiCE’S EMOTiON, SoundOnline etc with some of Nachi Sakaue’s tracks. Even if I already knew about most songs, I didn’t know about “Survive” by Tsukasa. Good album to see which songs you don’t know about :P

[EastNewSound] Nostalgic Breeze (XFD) | Proof Presence the Instrumental

  • I’ll never get the name “EastNewSushi” again out of my mind..Anyways, this time with 6 vocal tracks and 4 instrumental tracks which came a bit as a surprise. I really really love Kirin’s tracks, especially the first bigroom house song and the instrumental arrangement of Mokou’s theme by Kokuchou (track#07).

[Halozy] 864

  • I wasn’t the first who found it on soundcloud (surprisingly, as I’m reloading soundcloud as often as possible), but the hype was there, already right after the first few seconds (and the countdown). First two tracks fit very well, it’s R&B House and it’s superb! The beat and refrain are very catchy, and I declared this song to be one of my favorite tracks this Reitaisai. Next track sounds a bit 80’s-ish, well, it’s by FN2 after all. Followed by another Dance/EDM song by VALLEYSTONE, a Rock song by crouka and an Electro Pop song by macaroom, the biggest surprise of Reitaisai comes: nayuta+Trance à la Sumijun!!! Best.song. As I’ve really missed Sumijun’s Trance arrangements and nayuta’s voice in (awesome) electro songs, I’m looking forward to this song the most. Everything else comes secondarily.

[Amateras Records × M.H.S] Harmony of Twice | Best Vol.2 | Unrequited Hearts the Instrumental

  • They’ve never released 3 albums at the same time, but even better! First, I was pretty disappointed to see another best-of album, and thought that besides the instrumental album there won’t be any new releases from them. So I screamed when I saw them having uploaded the preview (!), a collaboration project with M.H.S (Yuuma Mizonokuchi’s circle). I love track 2, 3, 5, ah well, the whole album because I’m so happy! I also love seeing a remix of akasha assembly, one of my favorite songs by Yuuma.

[ALiCE’S EMOTiON] Precious Ray

  • Finally again a Touhou AE release! With many diverse genres, like rock, hardcore, edm, pop. Still haven’t picked up a favorite, though.


  • I prefer the instrumental album due to heavy screamo parts.

[CROW’S CLAW] Fair Judgement

  • Another rock/metal instrumental album.

[TAMUSIC] 艦これメタル改 | 東方弦奏歌-VELOCITY- | お嬢様の東方子守唄

  • KanKore Metal Kai? That’s great news! The first album was pretty decent, and I hope it’ll be the same for the Kai album. I’m sure that the vocal album was already sold at M3, but I could also be wrong. However, I’ll look forward to this one too. Last album is a piano/violin instrumental album, as always.

[Pizuya’s Cell] 紅魔都市のカスタリア | 楽園ノ曼珠沙華

  • EDM+Metal+orchestral/symphonic as usual. I like the third song the most (セルトラリン75). Second album is a full piano album.

[Alstroemeria Records] POP|CULTURE 3

  • To be honest, I can’t hear Alstroemeria Records here anymore, but lots of Bigroom and even Trap. And nomico (lol). Well, it’s not bad, but also not outstanding, at least when I look at the album as a whole. Even so, I love nachi’s first, Tracy’s and mican*’s track.

[幽閉サテライト/Yuuhei Satellite] コノ葉隠レ

  • A bit disappointing this time…out of 12 tracks, there are 9 instrumental songs and thus only 3 new songs. First song by HiZuMi sounds average, deitarabotchi’s track as energic as usual and Autobahn’s Dubstep track…doesn’t sound this great.

[少女フラクタル/Shoujo Fractale] 彷徨いの冥

  • Again the opening song by HiZuMi this time, followed by Ryu✩ and Autobahn, which I both like much. Track 5 is a cover from a former Yuuhei Satellite song and last song a rockish one. At the end there’s also a bonus track (嘘と沈黙) by deitarabotchi.


I’ll probably add more albums when their xfd have been revealed.


Babbe Music - RADIANT DANCEFLOOR - cover


2 responses to “[Anticipation] Reitaisai 12 (例大祭12)

  1. You likes kirin’s work ,too?
    Because kirin is my favorite arranger in ENS,I like it so much

    It seems you write this kind of post rerularly, that’s amazing!
    Glad to see this kind of post,because it is hard to keep on writng
    [There is always thing have to do priorly,and have to put this aside :( ]

    Anyway,if you want to see my own post about ENS’s R12 album
    I can show you then.
    [But unfortunetly there are all in CHT]


    • Yes! I really love his works! dignity and Graveyard (and amadeus) from Nostalgic Breeze proofs again how awesome he is :)

      And yeah, I write these posts when an important music event is upcoming. It takes a bit of time and as you’ve already said, there are a lot of other things one can do, but it’s fun to write about previews and anticipating albums :)

      I sadly cannot read Chinese :( but knowing that we both like the same artist makes me happy!


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