[Doujinshi] Birthday release: Love Song of Dusk


Still one hour left until the day is over, but happy birthday to me~ I wanted to thank everyone for their kind birthday wishes and their constant support for keeping me motivated until today! I’m not good with words, so here, have a wonderful April 14th with my true OTP ever <3

title: 宵闇の幸福唄 (lit. Happiness Song of Dusk, but it’s written as “Love Song” in the manga, so it’s now “Love Song of Dusk”)
artist & author: Oimoto & Taku (TieStory)
release date/event: 2014-05-27 (例大祭11/Reitaisai 11)
pairing: Yukari Yakumo & Reimu Hakurei
from: Touhou Project

download from mega | mediafire

read online

scans, translation, edit: Mai88
QC: Rock the Vogt


8 responses to “[Doujinshi] Birthday release: Love Song of Dusk

  1. pg 19, “There is no need to tell you, since you wouldn’t want to have listened to her.”

    I am not sure I understand that sentence.


    • “Their talk was too boring that Reimu would have the desire to listening to them talking.” Yeah, sentence structure is a bit weird, but I don’t know how to say it otherwise…sorry ;A;


    • that was already like a nice, little poem for me (except that there’s still the most important part missing, you know, “Oh, it’s already May…” ok, sorry :P)
      Your thanks is much appreciated. I’m glad if at least one person enjoyed it!


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