Liebster Award (aka I’ve been tagged again)

Ok, I’ve been tagged again (last year’s award) by YuriReviews.
As I’m both, too lazy to come up with questions and don’t know many other bloggers (socially awkward person here, yes), I won’t nominate others :P

Let’s begin and finish this quickly, orz.

1. What is the worst yuri pairing you’ve ever seen?
If you mean “my most hated yuri pairing” by this, I’d go with Yukari x Yuyuko because they’re in the way of my OTP.
Besides this, I don’t have any other pairings in mind yet as I still have a bit of acceptance for most of the worse ones.

2. What anime character do you think resembles you the most? (both personally and looks)
Does it have to be an anime character? If no, I’d say Reimu Hakurei from Touhou Project. I’m lazy, don’t do much the whole day and accepts everyone without going too deep into a relationship.
I’m a bit talented (but only a bit!) due to my genes and I live rather carefree, unconcerned and modest.
Regarding the looks, I think if Reimu would have black hairs, then this would also count (but she’s often depicted with brown hair, can’t be helped).
If I have to pick an anime character (don’t laugh :D), I’d say Homura Akemi from Madoka…a bit…! Seriously, when I recently saw a manga with her wearing glasses, I was a bit surprised how she resembled me…
Personality-wise this would also come close. I’m really socially awkward, don’t have many friends and am the rather calm type.
Also, I prefer to work alone without others even noticing me^^

3. Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to anime genres and themes?
Eeehhh, do I really have to answer this? I don’t know if it counts as “guilty pleasure”, but I always have to laugh at scenes where other people would cry.
Also, I can enjoy a yuri manga if a tiny bit of rape is involved and I don’t have anything against SM if the story is good lol. (All my secrets are revealed here omg!) *laughs*

4. If you had the chance to, what anime character would you want to switch places with?
Again an anime character? Uhm…I think I’d go with Fate Testarossa from Lyrical Nanoha. Oh really, but then I wouldn’t have the chance to meet her…
If you can overlook the “anime character” part, I’d tend to Reimu Hakurei ;)

5. Do you hide the fact that you enjoy yuri from your “real-life” friends and family?
Err well, yes and a bit no. If my friends would ask me if I knew about yuri, I wouldn’t lie and tell them that I’m actually enjoying it. I know that some of my friends like Yaoi and a bit Yuri, but I haven’t told them yet explicitly. They know about my alias Mai88 though, so I’m not really keeping it from them.
As for my family, I know they don’t have anything against LGBT, but they surely wouldn’t expect me to read/watch yuri ^_^ So I’ll just keep on letting them think I like normal anime/manga.

6. If you could adapt any yuri manga into an anime, which would it be and why?
Lena would force me to say Citrus, which would also be half my opinion.
But my favorite Manga is still Gokujou Drops and I’d fangirl hard if this would ever came true. It was one of my first real yuri manga that made me reading non-stop and I’ve also reread this more than Girl Friends.
As for reasons, I simply can’t put my feelings into words *is emotionally moved when thinking about this manga again*.

7. In your opinion, what is the most overrated anime series?
Ha, that’s easy. Tokyo Ghoul of course :P Even if I’m currently watching the second season, I just can’t come to like this anime. It’s not that bad, but it’s definitely not as great as the hype says.
It’s sad that you didn’t ask for the most underrated anime series, though, because then I’d say Locodol. Ok, just kidding ;D

8. What do you feel is the best way to convert a non-yuri fan into a yuri fan?
Ehh, I really don’t know as I’ve never converted anyone into yuri ^_^
But just to answer this question, persuade them to read Girl Friends and then we’ll see.

9. You’re stranded on a deserted island with only 1 manga to read. Which one is it?
That’s too cruel, only one manga… ;( I’m currently reading Qualia the Purple and Octave had the same effect (aka non-stop reading until past midnight and if I could also the whole day long),
but I’d pick Gokujou Drops despite being unable to neglect my other favorite manga (Shitsurakuen, Pure Water Adolescence, Citrus (still unfinished though) and Girl Friends).

10. Which artist/mangaka would you most like to meet?
Oh, I already had the chance to see some of them in real life on Comiket, but if I’d be able to talk Japanese properly already, eh…now that I think about it, I don’t really have a favorite mangaka :( *shame on me*
It’s either one of the artists who draw YukaReimu doujinshi or if this counts, an illustrator named UGUME.

11. How did you get into yuri?
This post is already too long *cries* and now to the ultimate question. I can’t promise not to write a novel here, but let’s see…
As far as I can remember, I’ve been watching Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha around 5 years ago after browsing on (German counterpart to MAL) and After I was so amazed about this whole show, I accidentally came across doujinshis about Nanoha and Fate, my first Yuri pairing. Well, I came to like love them, downloaded the two NanoFate MegaPacks (!!) on and looked for more of this (amazing) pairing. After having read almost every doujinshi with them, I somehow came across Touhou while I was looking for some key sounds label soundtracks on youtube. I got more interested in the game itself as well as the soundtrack, and at one point I began to download and read through the 10GB big Touhou doujinshi archive by, and there were of course a lot of Yuri doujinshi among them. After having developed my own preferences and pairings, I gathered courage and decided to look into Yuri anime, randomly on a whim, and Strawberry Panic was my first Yuri anime. Well, from this point on I became seriously addicted to Yuri, help. ^o^


11 responses to “Liebster Award (aka I’ve been tagged again)

    • I didn’t know about this doujinshi^^ it was somewhere in the comments section of world 5, seems like this discussion has been deleted…
      Oh, 1-5 for leveling? :o
      well, 5-3 is hell :D also because of RNG-sama, but some people came to the idea to sacrifice some lv 1 destroyers (because of branching rules) just for the sake of clearing this hell ;A;


  1. Eh, no one’s gonna cure your yuri addiction, you’re doomed to have it foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr xP

    Unrelated: scrapping seems cruel no?


    • Haha, I’m glad that no one’ll cure it xD

      Ah, I understand what you’re meaning, but I read somewhere that scrapping means to “unweapon” them and let them continue to live as normal girls. The most cruel action is still letting some lv 1 DDs sink just to clear 5-3, which means as much as killing them…(I saw some screenshots on the wiki in the comment section, but can’t find them anymore)


  2. What is the SM? (─‿‿─) See a Monkey? ( ̄ー ̄) Could anyone mind to explain it in the most detailed way for me plz?
    Pretty please (●´∀`●)


  3. Had to laugh at number 3. I already knew about it, but I didn’t think you would tell the truth for everyone to see :D

    Also, the most overrated anime for you must be Love Live, how could you forget about it at a time like this?! Seriously, you always come to me complaining how much you hate that it’s so popular :P

    And finally, I should also help you decide what character you should switch places with:
    Become Kongou. This way you can sneak up on your precious Haruna and make her your bride.
    I know, L. wa kashikoii :P


    • It’s not like I kept it a secret :P

      Oh, you’re right, Love Live comes second place after Tokyo Ghoul :P

      Ehh, she’d be mai waifu in the game, that’s enough, I think :D But lol, ok, your ideas are even better ;) it’s amazing how you can see through me…though :P


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