[Doujinshi] SUZUKUMA! Part 1 – Reverse!


Finally my exams are over (hopefully) and I found a bit more spare time recently. Actually, I’ve been working on several projects at the same time, just can’t motivate myself to finish them properly…anyway, this time it’s the first short story of three in this compilation by Kodama Naoko (monaco-meister)! Also, I love the KanColle anime <3

title: Reverse!
circle: モナコマイスター (コダマナオコ)
release date/event: 2014-12-29 (コミックマーケット87/Comic Market 87)
pairing: Suzuya x Kumano
from Kantai Collection

download from mega | mediafire

read online

scans, translation & edit: Mai88
QC: Lena K.

Please do not re-upload this without my explicit permission.Thank you. Will be the same for every other work too.

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