[Anticipation] Comiket 87


Wow, it’s already one day before Comiket and I still haven’t post anything yet… Whatever, I’m in Tokyo at the moment and don’t know if I’m able to find the time for writing much here, since we somehow can’t manage the time properly, so I’ll come straight to the previews and circles.
The first booth we’ll visit is EastNewSound with two albums, Proof Presence and the instrumental version of Perpetual Devotion. I really love MARIN’s track on Proof Presence and also Kirin’s last track. Luckily, many booths we want to visit are next to each other, like Halozy, Amateras Records/Alstroemeria Records, DiGiTAL WiNG and Pizuya’s Cell.
Halozy suprised me a little due to nayuta being on their album, even if the song is a little bit too calm for me. My favorite song would be Don’t let you down by sumijun.
Gladly Amateras Records will bring out two albums, Unrequited Hearts (Touhou) and Hopeful Jasper (KanColle). I like both albums, but I prefer the KanColle album which I want to buy anyway.
Alstroemeria Records on the other doesn’t sound too exciting with the second volume of Pop Culture, rather just ordinary.
From DiGiTAL WiNG‘s album I have to say that I fell in love with MANIC BEAT by VALLEYSTONE and I’ll buy this album just because of うさ <3

Nearby from ENS & Co. is ZYTOKINE and サリー. I have to admit that I’m not really a fan of サリー, so I won’t buy their album. ZYTOKINE sounds not bad, but I’m not really hyped about this one.

Next ones are 556ミリメートル, ShibayanRecords and ESQUARIA.
556mm really sound great, especially Kirin’s and MARIN’s track!
ShibayanRecords doesn’t sound bad either and I somehow love SUPER MOON with 市松椿.
ESQUARIA sounds like always, but I only like the last track somehow.

Further eastwards located are Rolling Contact, LiLA’c Records, signum/ii, TAMUSIC and Yonder Voice.
I think I’ll buy Rolling Contact’s We Are The Scarlet album due to awesomeness.
LiLA’c Records is next to Rolling Contact, gladly, so we don’t have to walk much :) I’m quite hyped about their second and tenth song. There’ll also be an extra Comiket release of the second song.
When I first listened to signum/ii, I was pretty disappointed, especially about track 4, 5 and some others. But after I listened to it several times and cut the parts off (which I didn’t want to hear), I really came to love track 2, 3 and 7.
Unfortunately TAMUSIC won’t release a vocal album, but I’m still glad about the Metal instrumental KanColle album which I’ll try to purchase.
I’m not so hyped about Yonder Voice however, but I still find it ok. Maybe I’ll also buy their previous S-Reitaisai release with himmel‘s great song!

Rather far away from most for me known circles is 幽閉サテライト/幽閉カタルシス and a new circle supported by them: 少女フラクタル. Announcements came really late this time, but I’m still glad that they’ll release so many albums! I love the second song on Catharsis the most by the way.

That was day two, now to day three with original albums.
I’m looking forward to MEGAREX the most because it’s lapix circle and he’ll release his first album!
Then there’s ALiCE’S EMOTiON with REDALiCE’s solo album. The first song was always in my mind during my flight to Tokyo…There are songs I like and some others I don’t like, but all in all I’m quite looking forward to this album.

There are more albums I’ll try to purchase (for friends), but I think that were all I’m really looking forward to. Maybe I won’t survive Comiket because it sounds like hell and heaven at the same time, but I’ll try to enjoy my Japan trip to the fullest!
On a little sidenote, after I have purchased some yuri/Touhou doujinshis, I’ll try to buy a new scanner or experiment with the settings of my old scanner so that I may be able to do scanlation in the future by myself. I’ll also try to find more spare time after my exams and work on old planned projects then!
Well then, I’m off to plan my Comiket survival map.

PS: Check out Babbe’s new release Last of the Year!

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