[Anticipation] M3-2014 秋 (Fall)

As I’m drown in homework and university stuff, I’ll make it really short this time. [edit: short is relative.] I also skipped Kouroumu 10 due to the same reason D:

Anyways, I don’t think there are any highlights I’m eagerly waiting for, except void’s song on LC:AZE. I also like the first song of this album pretty much, but the other songs are too pop-ish for me.

Next album is by ALVINE, two vocal songs and their instrumental versions. The fist song by KEiNA doesn’t sound bad, but on the other hand not really special. Listening to MiU (aka irony) makes me looking forward to this album, though.

I’ll keep on with another vocal album by Sprite Recordings. The usual rock combined with pop, but also some songs I already know about.

The last vocal album I’m awaiting is by Eternal Melody.
Aoi with her symphonic, trance, gothic songs together with Sakuya Kurosaki from T.Piacere. Amane also makes an appeareance.

Now that the vocal albums are mentioned, I’ll continue to Digital Logics and their typical (Uplifting) Trance songs. My favorite songs are all by NAGO, as always. The remix of Autumn Moment (also one of my favorite songs by Yuri Yuzriha) made by NAGO is great too.

DJ Noriken is next in my list, so first to the SKETCH UP! Recordings album.
StripE with his hard dance, followed by two Hardstyle songs (I’m not too fond of them, though), one of them by Nhato, then P*Light and after that, “Noah” by DJ Noriken. Superb. I also like “Blue Moon” by Minamotoya and “True Princess” by Ryunosuke Kudo. Still, too less songs by DJ Noriken…
But his other guest appeareances makes even for it, I guess. One one Pichnopop, one on Lilium Records (their album also sounds awesome, as well as their second album), and then there’s MINAMOTRANCE’s E.O.W.A with DJ Noriken’s wasabi.

Binzokomegane Girls Union was quite disappointing this time, thus was lapix’ song on this album.

On the other hand, Amazing Records did a good job this time. It may be due to EDM, but I like his songs within this genre.

Last, but not least, one Kantai Collection album I really hope to get soon by pocotan because of this song. It’s an arrangement of one of my favorite songs of KanColle, so naturally I like every arrangement of this.

I think that’s it. As I already said, Kouroumu 10 anticipation was skipped, but as I still have a bit of time and space here, I’ll declare TAMUSIC, ZYTOKINE and Alstroemeria/Amateras Records as my favorites.


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