[Manga] Kimi no Tame nara Shineru chapter 6

Finally finished this chapter after having gone through some difficulties, like my bad translation skills, low quality raws and the lack of spare time due to university (I even edited on the train).

A big thanks to Lena K., whom I annoyed after her nap who took her time correcting my bad Engrish mistakes.

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title: Kimi no Tame nara Shineru (I’d Die for You/the Princess)
author: Kuzushiro


Translation, Edit: Mai88
QC: Lena K.

Do not upload this on Mangafox, Mangareader, Manga Here or any other external readers without my explicit permission! Do not sell this, earn money nor take credit for the work others have done in their spare time without making any profit.

So…after the important things are said, here’re some more things I want to talk about.
I know about the JManga issue, I know that there has been an official English translation, but JManga has been shut down. There’s no way to buy an official release anymore, thus there’s no way to know how the manga continues, if you can’t read Japanese/if you don’t live in Japan/if you do not have access to raws. I’ve never bought nor read the official translation, but I know that there are more people who were/are in my current situation. Sad about that a great series just end when it becomes interesting. Lack of skills to read the cryptic kanjis or just not much knowledge about Japanese.
Well, I have to admit, my translations will never be perfect, they won’t be like an official translation by people who have already worked 10+ years in this branch, and I’m merely an unknown, lone student, who loves to improve her Japanese knowledge and Photoshop skills and who loves to work hard on something. Also, who loves to spread Yuri around the world.
That said, there may be many things which are incorrect or may sound weird to Native speakers. I apologize in advance if I made something wrong, but instead of complaining, please tell me, so I can correct them and learn by my mistakes.

I’ll also hopefully have time to continue this series properly. But I can only find low quality raws for vol.1+2. Volume 3 and 4 weren’t available anymore, when I looked after them because all links are dead and I didn’t get a reply when I wrote to the uploader in Japanese ;( maybe my Japanese was just totally bad…

I love to strike through text. No picture because I’m lazy. Pic on the main page is taken from pixiv.


10 responses to “[Manga] Kimi no Tame nara Shineru chapter 6

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  2. Lena.K? As in the blogger of yuri reviews (or was called something like that)? You annoyed her after nap? so like you people know each other irl?


    • Well, kind of, but not in rl :P (not yet…*cough*) We just get along well (online) and she has already helped me a lot, I’d say, but maybe she should say sth too :D
      Oh, and I kinda feel like I annoy her pretty often :P


  3. Thank you so much for doing this! I was sad that the original scanlators dropped this Manga, especially since it was pretty good.

    Looking forward to seeing more great work from you!


    • Well, they dropped it due to JManga, but this has been quite a while since then. And thank you, comments like yours keep me even working harder^^


  4. Volume 3 is on yuriproject. If they’re too washed out, I can scan them again. I also have volume 4.


    • Oh…I totally forgot about yuriproject^^ Thanks for telling me, you’re a big help :) I’ll see what I can do for the time being ;)
      I’d also be interested in volume 4, but I think this will take a bit longer until I can work at it^^

      edit: I’ve downloaded vol.3 and they don’t look that washed out. I think I can edit them properly with my current skills.


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