Scanlation Announcement (#1)

Just some updates since I’ve been quite inactive recently. I’m still translating Sprite Recordings’ album EMOTIVE BRILLIANCE (just been too lazy…), but since it’s my last week of my treasured holidays and as I came across so many Yuri Mangas abandoned, dropped, cancelled or whatsoever, I decided to do something about this. I thought about picking up some of them, as long as I could find Raws.
But as I haven’t found any (some were also continued as cell phone mangas…), except for one, my only possible project would be “Kimi (Hime) no Tame nara Shiteru“. The raws don’t look so bad, but don’t expect high quality scans since they aren’t mine. I’ll try to find better raws, but if I can’t find any, I’ll work on the ones I have here.

I’m not a professional translator/scanlator, I’ll spend my last possible free time on translating, cleaning and typesetting to be able to continue this series as best as possible, but I can’t guarantee anything. The series also looked like it’s been dropped by Zefiberyl Translations, but if there are any other groups who want to work on it, please tell me as soon as possible, so I don’t waste my effort/time for nothing.

I haven’t typesetted yet since I’ve been able to work with my two friend from Yuri in Wonderland and Yuri Reviews so far, so I’m quite inexperienced in this. Editing a manga takes a lot of time and requires experience, two things I’m still lacking. I can neither do accurate translations nor have I done anything alone yet (woho ^o^), but I’ll do what I can. If there are problems, I’ll ask for help and suggestions, but as I’m totally unknown and people won’t read my blog entries anyway (I don’t really care, my blog has a different purpose), I’ll just do what I want.

Oh, back to the quality of the raws, I really hope that 800 x 1151 is still decent. I’ve only been working with 1412 x 2000 scans so far, but ok, you have to use what you get.

Well, I said sometime that I won’t upload any yuri manga on this blog, but this was when I’ve been working with other groups (and double-post is unnecessary). Oh, then the projects were NSFW, which I don’t like to see here for personal reasons. I’ll just figure out something, be it uploading them here (it’s SFW, yay!) or looking for other possibilities.


6 responses to “Scanlation Announcement (#1)

  1. I read hime no tame nara shineru, and i laugh so much than inugami and nekoyama. Please continue updating, although i am amazed that you take this huge project about 25 chapters until now.


    • glad you liked it^^ we’re currently working on it, translations are up to chapter 30! We just have to edit it properly now.


  2. Oh wow that sounds great :)
    You’ve really spent a lot of time reading yuri stuff lately, huh?
    You know that I’m very proud :P

    Also, let me know if you need help :)


  3. Are you going to continue it starting where Zefiberyl Translations left of (up to ch.5)? Or do you take the version into account that JManga had released when they were still around (up to Ch.23 – or in other words the first two volumes)?


    • I’m working depending on the RAWs I can find here. Currently translating vol.1 – page 53, so yes, I’ll continue this series from the point it was dropped.


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