[Anticipation] Comiket 86


Yes…I’m still alive! But as I have more than 60 albums or such in my wishlist+little spare time, I’ve just devided to make it short this time. So I’ll only mention the ones I really like and other albums will be added at the end in a list, I think…


The album I’m looking forward to the most is probably…no wait, can’t decide…ok, it’s ENS :] They’ll release 2 albums this time, finally an original one! I personally like the original album more, named Infect Paranoia (the cover is just great~). Surprise for me was that Aruna Ryuki from ALVINE makes a guest appeareance this time and the tracks I’m looking forward to are No.2, 3, 8 and 9. The track with Chata has something calm and I somehow like the melody of track 9, especially the final part of this song in the XFD.
And now to Perpetual Devotion. The first track isn’t bad, but can’t convince me. Same goes for cYsmix’ track to be honest, I liked his Complextro/House songs more, like the ones on Amateras’ albums. But I’ll wait for the full version to make up a full opinion.
I really hope they’ll publish another PV for this album’s track 3 because I already fell in love with the little part in the XFD. The rest can’t convince me yet.

And now to Halozy, even if the album cover looks unusual for me. To be honest, I really have high hopes of Halozy this time because the XFD sounds quite promising. Already the first track is catchy and Mashiro Minase’s voice really fit. The second and third one is a bit too slow for me. 4 skip. 5 is really catchy! I came to like this kind of music. Good to see Irus in Halozy around again because the 6th track sounds also great, even if I normally don’t like Rap. The next one is also a little surprise to me due to ℃iel and crouka! I’ve never heard of Taolia, but his collab with sumijun on track 9 sounds yay!~ (awesome).

The next album I’m really looking forward to is ESQUARIA’s Xeno Blaze. I like Yura Hatsuki’s first song, track 3, 7, 9 and Nhato’s Remix of the first song.

Wow, ESQUARIA was short…but I wanted to keep short, so straight ahead to 556mm. Finally they’ll release another album after one year! The first one is a typical Tomoya-song, the second song sounds better. 3 skip. Next one is Hotaru Murasaki, and I love this song! But the best song for me so far is the 7th track, even if the preview is really short at this part D:

Amateras came late this time, but I think it’s normal. Crevice of Darkness would fit T.Piacere or Eternal Melody though…(no T.Piacere anymore D: ). I love track 1 because of Hardcore, track 2 because of Progressive, track 4 because of EDM-style (but the preview is short, so I can’t tell if it’s EDM), track 6 because of Kirin+++++++ Ai Ohsera omg! I never would have guessed that she’ll make an appearance on an Amateras album! And also, Masayoshi Minoshima too? Not bad! The other tracks sound like ordinary Amateras-Trance-songs for me.

I really don’t like recycling songs from previous releases, but my most favorite circle beside ENS has done that this time. LiLA’c, yes, LiLA’c Records is doing it again! Ok, first track is a new song, but it can’t convince me. Track 2…skip. Sunset Luv (Toho Speed Edit) sounds still too familiar to be counted as a new production, and so do track 4, 9, 10 and 12 (even if it’s live). Track 7 is an exception because there are sounds added to the Halozy version. The only songs I like are track No.5, and surprisingly every instrumental track! But since there wasn’t much choice…between the re-used tracks, I guess I still like Irus’ instrumental tracks the most.

It’s hard to decide for an order…but as I already mentioned my favorite circles, I’ll continue with Yuuhei. From Yuuhei Satellite’s album track 2 sounds the most promising for me, but the 3rd one is also great. Then again…there’s also track 4! Oh, and finally booklets for Magica! I’ve been waiting for them for ages…

As for Yuuhei Catharsis, the first song is really Iceon-like! This means I love it :) The other tracks also sound good.

Speaking of Yuuhei, they really have a new rival! Ok, not new, as they’re already existing for more than just a short time, but still not so popular, I guess. I’m talking about Yonder Voice, I mean, listen to this and you know what I mean. I really hope to listen to the full songs soon! Their second CD is just a best of…such a shame…but at least I’ll be satisfied with the Yuuhei cover album.

I’ve been wondering what the meaning behind “Binzokomegane Girls Union” is… I can only figure out that “megane” means glasses, so the cover fit perfectly. Apart from the cover, I’ve of course paid attention to the music, so I was already positive to this new circle (actually just a collaboration) from the very beginning. I mean, lapix did the first track, and it sounds already awesome. The 4th track is also great, but the song I’m looking forward to the most is definitely void’s track! Listening to another demo from void’s Web Edit made me a bit disappointed though, but the genre is Progressive Breaks, so I’ll just wait patiently.

Binzokomegane comes with a sister album, Flowers Unfold. A bit of Progressive Trance can’t hurt, I guess. And also, just the fact that DJ Noriken has also an appearance is enough for me to give this album a try.

DJ Noriken hm? Sorry that I’m always fangirling when he’s around :P It’s just…my favorite song this C86 will be the first song of his new album. I just know it. Back to his album #From_Ten_Wonderland, besides track 1 and some tracks already been released in previous albums, I like track 4, 5 and 6.

More from this music scene, with MINAMOTRANCE! I like song No.1, 2, 7 and I looove track No.6! I don’t really know what people have against big room…

Back to Touhou, with Pizuya’s Cell. The same stuff as always, I think. A bit of Metal, EDM, combined to an uncommon genre. As I love the Metal side more, I really have been enjoying the full version of the first track.

And now to White Elephant, a bit of Rock and such…the first track sounds good. But as I like WE not because of Rock, but because of the more eletronic side, I’m looking forward to track 4 and 5!

DiGiTAL WiNG isn’t that convincing this time. Beside RAVER’S NEST stuff No.3 (from which I like track 5, but only this track!), their 2nd release デジウィ DREAM isn’t so great, either. Too much Pop and such… Oh, but Usa’s song with crouka is great. My faith in crouka has been restored! Track 5 doesn’t sound bad, either. And track 6, an instrumental track, is quite good. Now that I listen to it this XFD for real. Ok, the rest is meh.

I’ve noticed that I wrote too much, even if I wanted to keep it short…and it’s midnight D: I think I’ll just skip Junk, Digital Logics, AcuticLogics,  HARDCORE TANO*C, Amazing Records, and from Shandy Kubota (USAO)’s album I like the 4th track pretty much. Sunao Yoshikawa’s (1st) album also caught my attention because of this track.

Then there’s electro planet music 2 for Electronic music lovers. And LC:AZE for J-Pop fans… and Trinity Note with a track by NAGO and Ruon (from ESQUARIA). I’ll also skip TAMUSIC...and they have 4 releases this time! I mean 3, and one by ALVINE

BUT, there’s one album left which suprised me or rather, convinced me to listen to the preview to the end. Somehow I feel like dancing to it, lol. The album is No title, a mix of Vocaloid and real voice (I prefer real voice, though), and the intro sounded pretty good!

Bah, that’s it I think. There are still a lot more albums, but I don’t feel like mentioning them, except I have forgotten something really important…(yes, I forgot Amateras *cough* and LiLA’c *cough*, shame on me, but I remembered and added it in the end…!!) So late now…proof-reading what I’ve written, I have to admit that I never do that. I’m going to sleep now. Thanks for reading.


edit 10-08-14: lalala, I’ve forgotten Sally, ZYTOKINE, Diverse System, and a lot more…oh, and kalon. too D: how could I!



2 responses to “[Anticipation] Comiket 86

  1. Ah no! You remind me that I still have to go through a lot of crossfades…
    Halozy’s for example, but I’m not sure whether it’s worth it.
    They kind of disappointed me quite a lot lately with all their eurobeat arranges and “baby vocals” :P
    But since you said it sounds promising, it seems I have no choice but to listen to it :P

    You probably already know what I’m looking forward to the most. Well, no surprise there really, but for me ENS’ Touhou album sounds a little more promising.
    Unlike you, I really enjoyed Cysmix’ track and a whole lot of other tracks this album has to offer.
    So I guess that’s my number one pick for this Comiket, closely followed by their original album and as always Amateras Records.

    Unfortunately Lucia won’t even be featured on the Amateras album, but I won’t stop hoping to see her on another album this Comiket!
    Go Lucia! You can do it!


    • Well, at least Halozy’s album will be R&B House, so no Eurobeat^^ but there are lot of “baby vocals”, especially with a certain singer on a certain album *cough*…
      oh, and make sure to listen to Raver’s Nest! It’ll certainly be your favorite album :P

      cYsmix however is a “difficult” case… I’ve heard that many people were already pretty disappointed from the demo, but I’ll wait for the full version ;)

      I’m sure that Lucia will do a come-back sometime as other people who quitted somewhere, like Hotaru or Cryu…let’s just wait and hope :)


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