[Anticipation] Reitaisai 11


Let’s get started with Reitaisai 11 after this totally short introduction (the content won’t be short, though):

ShibayanRecords is going to release two albums this time. As I don’t like Bossa Nova, I’ll only talk about the other one:
disco metric is a remix album containing former releases remixed by quite known arrangers. NuDisco sounds great, yes! I already fell in love with the first track (with 3L) as it’s a remix by signum/ii. The second song also sounds nice and so does the third track as well as it has something special… There are also two remixes of “Desert Years” this time, both sounds good, but I rather prefer the second remix by LAZ. Finally, the last song reminds me strongly of “End of Daylight” by Alstroemeria Records somehow, even if the original title is ‘Invisible Full Moon’, really odd :)

Yuuhei Satellite’s 最果てのコトバ starts with Wriggle’s theme, one of my favorite themes. So of course I’d like the first song of this album. The second one by Autobahn delivers us with Electro sounds and Remi’s stage theme (pretty rare one, ‘The Young Descendant of Tepes’). Still I can’t figure out which genre it is exactly, either Trance or Electro (House)? The third one is a 指先チョコレイト remix by HiZuMi and as I already love the original version, I’m looking forward to his remix.
By the way, have you noticed Mokou and Keine in the background of the PV? :D

I had high hopes of ESQUARIA this time, but got totally disappointed from the first preview. (Notice that I’m referring to the wrong first preview, so no offenses :3) I mean, what’s with the first track? It’s Mei Ayakura, yes, but on the first two albums the first tracks have always belonged to Mei Ayakura+Jinnoskue Okibayashi and his EDM! And now we just get a simple pop song?! (or is it House? or even Jazz?) Too disappointing was my first thought when I listened to the incomplete preview…It was quite a shock when the 3 tracks were already everything we’ll get for Reitaisai, but then the real demo showed up :3 the second real track by Yuuna is a Cosmic Mind arrangement. Not bad, but somehow not really convincing. The next track with Luon and Chicaco might sound better, but again a bit too cheerful for my taste. Forthly an instrumental track by satella, not bad, but I can’t listen to much from the preview. The fifth one is with Meramipop, a bit DnB and maybe EDM this time? Next by LAZ, this sounds more electronic than the previous tracks in this album, so I’m looking forward to this one too. Then there’s “Voice in the dark – izna Remix”, this is even more electronic, somehow… but all in all I can’t hear much from the previews since they only last around 15-25 seconds or such for each song. The last two tracks are again remixes… So…at first disappointing because I got the wrong preview source :3 but then it got better with the real preview, so, let’s just wait and see.

REVIVE 2 ARCADIA and REVIVE 2 EDEN, two sister albums this time, each with 16 tracks! I’ve been planning to buy these two ones, so I have high hopes! The first one is by LiLA’c Records and I must say, besides few tracks, one with my hated vocalist and one with a genre I totally don’t like (Ballad), I really like every song so far. I didn’t say love, just like, but songs I do love are:
1. with Uuchan and one of my favorite Touhou themes (Alice Maestra)
2. Sakuya with her strong voice for Rock+DNB
3. I don’t know the vocalist, but the beat is just too delicious (lol)
8. Meramipop and Rock~ reminds me strongly of Brigher Oath and since it’s Merami(pop)=love <3
11. an instrumental Psy-Trance track! finally! I really have missed this kind of music…I’m also waiting eagerly for another original Psytrance album but since lapix left LiLA’c, I don’t think there will be another ILL album :(
13. and that’s what I love the most by cittan*: Trance! He really knows how to move me with his Trance songs and Hotaru supports it even more this time. So…to be honest, I almost cried when I listened to this part of the preview first *-*
14. “What the hell?” was my first impression at this part, but it’s actually a remix of ‘Fujin over the wind’ and even if it’s a bit Electro-Urban-something-something, the more I listen to it, the better I think of it.
In fact, the crossfade demo contains both REVIVE albums, the tracks with uneven numbers are by LiLA’c, the even ones by signum/ii

EastNewSound will only release a best-of and an instrumental album, so not much to say about it.

However, Amateras Records are going to release a new album besides the instrumental album of Infinity Asterisk (btw, Astarisk is a misprint on the cover) and a KanColle arrange album which has already been released on 3th May! Quite disappointing not to see F9, Blue Twinkle, cYsmix, irony nor cittan* around, yet surprising that Irus will make an guest appearance again this time! Now, first in first out, the first track sounds a bit like 星色オーケストラ from their former album (track 10), so nothing new and special. For the second song, I’d say I’ll love this one as it’s Amane :3 Emii isn’t bad either! The third song is in English, Ahiru’s voice, Renko’s lyrics plus Tracy’s trance arrangement, so a bit of change between the Japanese songs. miko and Tomoya this time at the forth track? Not bad, oh great, I’m going to love this, I think. It’s quite groovy and I also love the original title (Maple Dream…), which was also a basis for Imperishable Night’s staff role theme~ Kirin at the fifth track, but still not to my likings yet, even if it’s EDM. Awwww, Irus :3 oh yes, I love track 6, or rather, I’m going to love this one since it’s just the preview of 26 seconds yet. Furthermore I also love track 7 so far, Yuuma Mizonokuchi + Sae Tsukimiya + Fires of Hokkai, not a bad combination. Yuuma should really make more Trance arrangements! My two favorite tracks are followed by another potential favorite track: indefinitely (track#8) by MARIN and KUMI. I’m growing to like MARIN for his hard trance sounds and KUMI’s voice is as great as always. Additionally, Infinite Nightmare arrangements are so rare, even if the song is so good… The next song is by Tracy, and Mamemi! Although I haven’t expected Mamemi, the ninth track doesn’t sound bad, still it sounds rather like most of Tracy’s songs. Nothing special, though. And finally MARIN makes an appearance again, this time with Sakuya. I think it’s naturally as he’s an Amateras member now.
All in all I’m quite looking forward to this album and I have high hopes for this one, even if we can’t find F9+Blue Twinkle on this release!

Now to Yonder Voice: as they’ve already announced an album for R11 in the M3 entry, I was quite looking forward to this album (花月夜). And I haven’t been disappointed from the preview, good news!
The preview starts slowly (I mean the bpm), I would say. Somehow the first track is a mixture of Eurobeat, Pop and a bit of Trance, or rather, I don’t know how to categorize this genre from the short preview time. Still the original title is one of my favorite ones (Saigetsu). Actually this album contains some rare arrangements, but nevertheless I love them all! The second one is an arrangement of ‘The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky’ and as I love this theme, I also love the second track. Somehow it makes me want to dream as it is quite slow with atmopads and piano sounds. The third track is quite the opposite, but it’s not suprising as it’s an ‘Phantom Ensemble’ arrangement. I’ve noticed that many arrangements of this theme are quite powerfull up-beat songs, conveying the cheerful ensemble of the Prismriver sisters. And I’ve noticed that I went off-topic again… Anyways, I love track No.3 and also No.4. Yesh, No.4 is an arrangement of one of my most favorite themes: ‘Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country’ (I think touhouwiki has changed the translation of this theme, though). The next track, “Last Train” is an arrangement of two Retrospective 53 minutes songs. ‘Hiroshige No.36’ is the more striking one and it sounds quite promising because I love the melody. A bit DnB can’t hurt, can it? Finally probably the full version of 闇海リグレット as track No.6. As far as I know, they only released a short promotion version at M3. To conclude, rare and awesome choice of themes+trance+Yaoshanbailing make quite a promising album to look forward to.

ALiCE’S EMOTiON is going to release an EP, so just a small selection of songs. Dark Flight Dreamer.ep is this so called selection ‘only’ containing 5 songs. Even so, I don’t mind just getting 5 AE songs and if you call 5 songs an EP, then you also have to count every Yonder Voice album almost as EPs with 6 songs each time. Back to the music, the first track is REDALiCE with Ayumi Nomiya, and Hardcore, and ‘Oriental Flight’ (even if I also hear Love-colored Master Spark in the preview), and it’s goood~ (so far). The second track is instrumental, still it sounds quite groovy. As Rizuna is the vocalist at track No.3, it sounds quite Denpa/Loli-Hardcore-ish. t+pazolite at track 4, an instrumental Phantom Ensemble arrangement, not bad! Also, the fifth and last track sounds not bad either, but I cannot imagine anything from this short preview yet. But as I know how it works, I think we’ll get ALiCE’S EMOTiON’s album quite as one of the first albums from R11 *cough*.

Next is Alstroemeria Records with two albums this time. THIS ISN/T BEST is actually a best-of album, so I’ll skip this one. Coming to CLOUD 9 with 4 original tracks and 6 Touhou arrangements. The vocal tracks don’t sound so much promising, so a bit disappointing, except ‘ARCADIA’ with mican*! Oh yes, I like this one, really! Furthermore, for me it might be the instrumental tracks to be looking forward to this time. Even Tracy makes one appearance, which is quite surprising :3

And now to Pizuya’s Cell, a bit rock+metal can’t hurt, can it? On a side note: the preview is so messed up with the track numbers (=e.g. second track in the preview isn’t the second track in the list), so I’ll try to fit tracklist and preview. The third track (the first vocal track in the preview) has electronic and orchestral elements, still it sounds rockish and groovy. Guess it’s the mixture of genres/features what makes them so popular…The fifth track (second vocal track in the preview) continues with electro features, this time even with EDM/Dubstep elements, haven’t expect this, though. So, the second track feels a bit off (sorry), thus it has lost it’s Rock genre in my opinion, but it’s not bad :P. The sixth track (third in the demo) picks up Rock+Orchestral, and the electronic part stays under 5% I think (judging from the preview). Oh, the 8th track (forth track in the preview) sounds nice~ metal with orchestral features, that’s awesome, that’s how I like it! Now back again to Dubstep/Electro, the 9th track (fifth track in the preview)’s drop sounds a bit too harsh for my taste, but the rockish metal part makes up for it again, I think.

SHM, Seventh-Heaven MAXION x Yuuma Mizonokuchi: former and usual vocalists, and again diverse genres. Rock, Pop, Eurobeat, Trance and Electro/House were the gernes I could distinguish from the preview, although I miss the folks genre this time too! Yeah, I indeed like the folks/ethno songs Yuuma Mizonokuchi has been made, like the one from Toranoana C85. But eehh, off-topic!

As for DiGiTAL WiNG I must say: Sorry, am I at the wrong preview? Ok, first song, skip, next song, J-pop, what the–? Well, it doesn’t sound so bad since it’s Domino Amayadori, and next one is Hanathan. Again J-pop? Unfortunately true, still I like Hanathan’s voice, so it’s forgivable this time. The forth track is with Erotan, skip~ to the 5th track with うさ (Usa), and Alinut! And Alinut, yes! And the genre is EDM, so I’m only looking forward to this track. Next one is really calm, a bit too calm. The 7th track is more up-beat, but still sounds too weak for me. Eurobeat at track 8 with Mamemi, a bit surprising to see Mamemi around here, oh god, somehow someone predicted half a year ago… The last track is loli-pop-Nanahira, this time not with Sumijun nor crouka, but VALLEYSTONE. Not really my taste, though, even if I can listen to Lolipop sometimes. To draw a conclusion, a bit disappointing except track 5 and it’s a bit sad not to see lapix, FN2/Plum this time…and 3L! Seriously, where’s 3L?! D:

Tennenjemini’s going to release a best-of album, so does T.Piacere. I’m really not a fan of best-of albums, but the fact that T.Piacere is probably going to stop their activities makes me even sadder :( Quite shocking at first, still I’m hoping that she’ll continue making an album for Comiket… hope dies last, doesn’t it? And there’s another group which caught my attention recently: Eternal Melody. At the moment 葵 (Aoi) and 黒崎朔夜 (Sakuya Kurosaki) are the only members, but Aoi has already made 10 of 43 T.Piacere songs <- [I have really counted them] and you might know Sakuya from T.Piacere. It won’t be a bit unfair if I’d say that Eternal Melody is going to replace T.Piacere, but for the time being I’m eagerly hoping for new albums by both circles!
Additionally, what I love most of Aoi’s style: the rockish sound combined with trance and electro is what makes her unique, I guess.

I’m talking way too much, back to Reitaisai: “Cryu, Cryu!!” What was I though, but the preview was a bit disappointing. Nonetheless, thanks Lena K. for pointing it out~ The fact that Cryu continues with Touhou and singing gives me hopes back, though! Cryu, ganbatte! even if she’ll never read it…*sob*

Ehem, cough, back to reality, now Rest in Peace. Yeah, R.I.P, even so I hope this doesn’t mean that UI-70 is going to leave the surface…instrumental rock as we know, still I quite miss the hard rock/metal arrangements from back then, like the collaboration work with Demetori…

TAMUSIC, two albums but no vocal album this time :(  The first one is a piano classical album and worth listening if you like it calm. For me it’s a bit too calm, yet I think it’s really good to relax (or to fall asleep). The second album, TOHO DRAMATIC VIOLIN – enthusiasm- is a bit more varied. The main focus is still the violin, but the genres are more diverse, like Pop, Rock, a bit Electronic at some parts of the preview and soundtrack-like music. Even so, everything of the background sounds are just to support the violin, so it sounds a bit boring if you listen to it too often.


Uwaaah, I think that’s pretty much it! I’m glad that I’ve finished now… Would take too long for me to write about every Reitaisai release, so I’ll just list the other albums here:




[SOUND HOLIC] 幻想★あ・ら・もーど III


[Marasy] 幻想遊戯 <星> ~ Museum of marasy

[C-CLAYS] 憐華 -Renka-

[K2 SOUND & C-CLAYS] 冥月 mei-getsu



3 responses to “[Anticipation] Reitaisai 11

  1. Even though I am looking forward to the Retaisai, too many great circles are either completely missing or are only releasing Best Ofs.
    Seriously, where are Syrufit and 556mm? Those were two of the greatest circles around and now they are not active anymore, and even T.Piacere, who is like my 3rd favorite circle will stop?
    This Reitaisai is definitely not off to a good start :(
    Also, none of the available previews really blew me away, they were all pretty medicore, even Amateras Records and that is such a shame…

    Well, I haven’t listened to DW yet, but after reading this, I won’t even bother :P


    • That’s just fact that Reitaisai is for releasing best-of albums since the main events are the two Comikets… And truly, I also somehow miss 556mm! I had hopes as Tomoya is making a guest appearance at Amateras’ album, but nothing yet D: and I don’t expect Syrufit to appear anymore, he might have quitted finally…
      Yep, indeed, I might just like one two songs from a preview, but not the whole album. DW is the proof for it, oh god, you don’t have to force yourself to listen to DW :P Just saying ;)


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