Anticipation: M3-33 (Spring)

kabe_ Shinshisakuraku Enhancer

Shinshisakuraku Enhancer [SUPRCD-009] (DJ Noriken & 源屋)

It’s time for a M3-33 preview~
There are quite a lot of albums I’m looking forward to this time again.

And for the first, I’ll talk about Diverse System.
Well, there are three albums this time, AD:PIANO 2 is yeah, as the title already says, piano-centered. My favorite song so far is track 5, Sudden Romance by void (love~). Even so, the other songs are nice to listen to, especially if you want to relax.
AD:GUITAR is a bit more ‘powerful’, it’s all about guitar of course. My favorite track would be track 3, Divided Horizon by Powerless. It has a not too rockish sound with a great drum beat plus orchestral/epic/soundtrack features, like strings, trumpets and a female voice/choir. Ok, I’m going into detail too much, let’s get back to AD:EDM3!
Two discs this time, Masayoshi Minoshima’s track 1 on CD1 (MIAMI) sounds better than the average, but it’s not the most striking song yet. The second song is great too (Respawn by Haloweak) and same goes for Jinnosuke Okibayashi’s track Blue Sonia (known from ESQUARIA and Lydia Grave! His style is easy to recognize btw). I don’t like the electro voice at Okibayashi’s song, though. lapix also makes an appearance this time, but no, my two favorite songs are Petal by 月代彩 and Sakura Destiny by 107tan yet. Both aren’t too full of filter effects and give a nice feeling (lol, I don’t know how to describe it…).

Enough of Diverse System, now I’m getting started with the demos!
My first two albums from my random M3-preview list are the ones by ALVINE, the first one (REFRECT) is a full instrumental album by Aruna Ryuki, mainly focusing on Electronic and even if I don’t like every track, it’s still worth to give it a try. The 6th track is also really great! Hope to get more Electronic in the future, even if I’d like it with vocals more.
Now I’ll come to the vocal album, TRY-TONE, and I really love this one, especially because of KEiNA. This album reminds me strongly of LC:AZE due to the diverse genres (Rock, Electronic, J-Pop etc) too.

Ok, next will be Blue Lightning by SKETCH UP! Recordings (DJ Genki). Hardcore/J-core, the way I love it. My favorites would be track 1, 5, 6 and 9, so I’m quite looking forward to this one.
Another SKETCH UP! Recordings album is Shinshisakuraku Enhancer, or rather a collaboration album with Minamotrance, I guess. It’s focusing on DJ Noriken and 源屋 after all. One of the albums I’m looking forward to the most because I’m a DJ-Noriken fan(atic) and 源屋 is also one of my favorite composers. The second track was already released last time, but it’s still nice to listen to. The third and fifth tracks surprised me quite a lot due to Psytrance and before I’m going into details too much, I’ll stop raving over this album and conclude that this is probably going to be one of my favorite albums for the next weeks/months. Hardcore/J-core/Psytrance stuff for everyone who loves this kind(s) of genre.

And now…Amane/DJ Amane/Amazing Records/Rolling Contact delivers pretty good stuff again, judging from the three previews on soundcloud.
My World is an album featuring two original songs on the first cd and remixes of the song My World by diverse remixers on the second disc. The remix by Kirin sounds nice so far and the preview sounds also quite promising. And wait, DJ Yumael? First time hearing of him, but I’m pretty sure that Yuuma Mizonokuchi (溝口ゆうま) is behind this alias.
Amane will release two Rolling Contact albums, both featuring KanColle, Touhou and I think arrangements from Okami. They’re both worth to listen to, especially if you like instrumental Electronic, Hardcore, Trance, EDM, Dubstep etc.
The first track on GOT YA! (Mother Ocean, a KanColle arrangement) has also been released five month ago and I already came to speak about this song.

More Hardcore? It’s not enough yet, I guess. I’m talking about Hardcore Tano*C and it’s somehow funny that how every time a new song starts, “Hardcore Tano*C” is said. Whatever, it’s the usual Hardcore stuff as always, be it instrumental, vocal or instrumental with vocal sounds (yeah, there’s a difference, just don’t know how to express this).

Now to EDM×Hardcore. Such an interesting combination can be found on supremacy by Massive Circlez. To be honest, I didn’t know about this circle until I caught attention by lapix. Although I don’t like the bassdrums Massive New Krew is using (I’m not that fond of Hardstyle…), the other songs by the different composers sounds not bad, even pretty awesome the more I’m listening to the preview. I’d tend to say it’d be quite a great album too, but I haven’t listened to the full versions yet, so I’m just judging from the few second the demo gives. I also have to admit, some songs let me move to the beat…

Lilium Liberation3 starts with a vocal song, somehow it reminds me strongly of ℃iel, but it’s not her… hm..nonetheless, Lilium Records has done a great job again, so it’s also worth listening!
By the way, I don’t want to go into details too much (which I’ve already done quite a lot of times…), so if you’re interested, just listen to all the previews by yourself, try to enjoy it and create an own opinion on them.

Back to the topic, now to Trance: Digital Logics and their new album From Where We Stand. The first song already gives me a feeling which Trance songs should give. What I’m talking about is that…somehow yeah, how should I put in into words, it’s somehow that the song lets you daydreaming or falling into a different (mental) world…the genre is called Trance after all. Especially the Uplifing Trance tracks are a good example of this and if you watch the pvs by Yuri Yuzriha, you might know what I was trying to explain.
Whatever, it’s one of the albums I’m most awaiting as an (Uplifting) Trance fan.

The last part of this entry will be about Touhou circles, somehow…and KanColle too.
DiGiTAL WiNG’s M3-33 album will be RAVER’S NEST presents DJ katsu & DJ ELEMENTAS BEST MIX. Well, as I’m already knowing every song, it’d be nothing new to me. Still, if you like one of these circles and doesn’t know about the other one, it’s recommendable in this case.

Here comes an album, no, rather a single I’m eagerly waiting of: 闇海リグレット by Yonder Voice. The preview sounds so great~ and the rap isn’t too bad because Yaoshanbailing, yato and lemiao make up for everything.
The full album will be released at Reitaisai 11, but there aren’t any details about this one yet.

I think it’ll be more common that KanColle will be released at M3 besides Comiket, since it’d be a bit off at Reitaisai. So, perfect transition to the next album? No, sorry, I’m talking far too much with myself.
キズナ、ありふれた二人 will be the next album by 幽閉カタルシス (Yuuhei Catharsis), the sister circle (?) of Yuuhei Satellite. Thus we get more senya-only tracks, this time again one song by HiZuMi and one song by 56, but also one remix by Autobahn! I’m looking forward to Autobahn’s one the most because the first two ones aren’t hard enough for me, I mean electro-wise…56 has a bit too much Rock and HiZuMi sounds too happy for my liking. Not that I dislike them, it’s just that 暁の水平線に and 女神の口づけを was already so awesome that I might have expected too much this time and was only a bit disappointed. Still, it’s worth to give it a try since it’s senya.

I don’t think I’ll write about more albums, maybe just adding album title and circle to this somehow too detailed anticipation with parts off-topic… I’m very sorry!
I’m also listening to TAMUSIC’s preview at the moment, but I’ve realized that this one is for Reitaisai 11, so I have to hold myself back now… Hope to see you again at my next anticipation~ I’m looking forward to this one because I’ve planned to order stuff directly from R11^^ (would be my first time, though).


[Halozy] – 99YEN

[幽閉サテライト] – 幻-MABOROSHI-

[MINAMOTRANCE] – Operation Unrestricted 1st Mov.-Empires Invasion-

[ジェリコの法則 / Jerico’s Law] – Another Law

[Dynasty Records (DJ Shimamura)] – Battle Line EP



3 responses to “Anticipation: M3-33 (Spring)

  1. I think you’re looking forward to this far more than you’re looking forward to the Reitaisai :P
    And good thing you keep us updated with these posts, I just noticed that Yuuhei Catharsis is gonna release something, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.
    And Kirin is doing a remix in Amane’s album? Even better!


    • Well, might be the announces of best-of albums at R11 which I’m not fond of, while the circles at M3 never disappoint me ;)
      And I know that you need your vocal stuff, so Yuuhei Catharsis is really sth for you :P
      Oh crap, wanted to surprise you with Kirin since I wanted to show you a good example of EDM ;)


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