[Translation] クメール弦聖声楽

Koji.(Nero).full.174655How I love this song! Violin, voice and folks instruments fit pretty well and somehow I love to sing along (*embarrassed*).
I hope Alvine will release more of these! I’ve also planned to translate the folkish song on their first album (track 7, the one with irony), but I don’t know when I’ll have the time to do it.
My finals are going to start soon D:
Khmer=folks in Laos

title: クメール弦聖声楽
(Kumeeru Gensei Seigaku)
[The Khmers’ Saint String Chant]
album: ALV-02
circle: ALVINE
event: M3-30
composition: 琉姫アルナ (Aruna Ryuki) × TAM
lyrics: 琉姫アルナ
vocals: 小松菜 (Komatsuna)
source: original


tasogare shizumite kikoeru ano koe
nabiku sora e…

In the sinking twilight I can hear that voice,
It flutters into the sky…


yume sameteku kage ga mieru kara to
mata meguriyukeba mienai keshiki kara

I can see a shade when I wake up from a dream
But I can’t see it if I go to the scene again


itsuka kono te ni
kaze wo tsukamu to
soshite kieteku
towa no chikai
haruka kanata e…haruka kanata e…

Someday this hand
Will catch the wind
And then an everlasting promise
Will disappear
Far away to the other side…far away to the other side…
I’ll continue walking

叫び渇れてく 声をあげて
うつし出す この地から ‘‘離別(おわかれ)‘‘
響きあう 君の声が
刻みだす 孤独から ‘‘平行線(おわかれ)‘‘

sakebi kareteku koe wo agete
utsushidasu kono chi kara “owakare”
hibikiau kimi no koe ga
kizamidasu kodoku kara “owakare”

Shout until you get thirsty and raise your voice
Change the “seperation (farewell)” from this land
Let your voice resound
Carve out the loneliness, it’s “a parallel line (farewell)”

流れる血は 一滴成り
混ざる この瞳へと

nagareru chi wa hitoshizuku nari
mazaru kono hitomi e to

Running blood will become a single drop
It’ll be blended inside these eyes

奉(まつ)られた 聖(ひじり)の声
奏でだした 弦(つる)の震え

matsurareta hijiri no koe
kanadedashita tsuru no furue

A voice of a worshipped saint
Is playing the trembling of strings

惑い渇れてく 超えぬ想い
虚ろいの この地へと 誘(いざな)う
響きだす 君の言葉
刻みだす 理(ことわり)を求めて
流れる地は 一夜幻夢(ゆめ)成り
交ざる この命(みこと)へと

madoi kareteku koenu omoi
utsuroi no kono chi e to izanau
hibikidasu kimi no kotoba
kizamidasu kotowari wo motomete
nagareru chi wa hitoyo yume nari
mazaru kono mikoto e to

Being thirsty of delusions, it can’t exceed these
Blank feelings, this land calls them out
Let your words resound
Engrave and seek for a reason
The flowing land, it will become an illusion (dream) of one night
It’ll be mixed together with the spoken words of an emperor

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