Concerning MIDI

Thinking back when I still was around 14 or 15, I played a lot with midi. For those who don’t know what midi is, it’s the short form of “Musical Instrument Digital Interface” and a detailed explanation can be found on Wikipedia.
I was quite fascinated about it, even if I never learned how to play piano or keyboard properly. Well, I have a keyboard at home, but I don’t play it anymore because somehow I lost interest in it or thought of myself being so bad. I don’t have any musical talents at all and I’m not able to read music scores yet.
But you don’t have to be able to play keyboard, play piano nor read music sheets and scores, and that’s probably the reason why I was so into midi. Whenever I saw or listened to midi files or videos where people played the midi files (e.g. in Synthesia), I couldn’t help but listening to them.
I mainly listened and collected midi files from Anime and Game soundtracks, which I used to listen to. Between them there were Yuki Kajiura (.hack, Mai-Hime, Tsubasa Chronicle, Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero, Pandora Hearts etc) , Final Fantasy, Key Sounds Label (Air, Angel Beats!, Kanon, Clannad…), Nana Mizuki (Lyrical Nanoha, Rosario+Vampire), only to name several examples.
I think it changed when I came to know Touhou, a few of you might know that the whole soundtrack of the Touhou series is made in midi. There was a short up as I collected even more due to Touhou and I was looking everywhere for Touhou midi files, but after I was satisfied or couldn’t get more, I sadly came to lost interest in midi.
Nevertheless, I still love midi, the only difference is that I don’t compose/transcribe them anymore. It takes too much time and my life gets busier the older I get. Even so I still have my (old) midi collection, and it would be too bad if I just let it rotten on my pc, so I decided to share them with whoever is interested in it.

For the first I have a collection of my own transcriptions:

I think more questions will become clear if you read the “info-text-files” I put into the folder.

And…it’s not 100% decided that I’ll stop with midi-transcriptions, I might get the interest back when I’m getting older and may have more time for myself. But at the moment I’m really busy with my a-levels and school, I’m also busy with studying Japanese more properly and my other hobby which is drawing digitally.
Nonetheless, if you have any requests or proposals for transciptions, just contact me and I’ll see what I can do. I still have my midi-programs :) btw, I don’t transcribe with a real keyboard, every midi file was made with the mouse and my laptop’s keyboard, and I use GM, I don’t have any expensive programs such as the Roland/Cubase one…

To sum up, the reasons why I’m quitting transcribing midi-files temporarily are:
-Not much free time anymore as it’s really time-comsuming…
-no money to get a new keyboard/buy software, especially software to compose properly
-not musically talented, I don’t see me as a composer since I don’t have the musical knowledge for it. I’m just transcribing others’ works, that’s not a talent.
-I also have my difficults with songs with more than two tracks since I’m not able to get the right notes for drums, guitar chords, bass and such. The only thing I’m able to is transcribe decently are piano songs.
-a part of me sees it as a waste of time since the result isn’t really much, most of the people even don’t know about midi!
-not much motivation as I’m mainly doing it for myself, and I don’t know what to do with it afterwards.

I hope you can understand it.

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