[Translation] Crazy Diamond

This song wasn’t hard to translate in the sense of grammar, but it was hard to get the context properly. So I’m still unsure and I might have misinterpreted several/many things, sorry, but I don’t know it better >_<!
It’s from Kaguya’s view, (a textbook example of)NEET, if you know what I mean.
Oh, and thanks Lena K. for the scans :]

title: Crazy Diamond
album: Infinity Asterisk
circle: Amateras Records
event: C85
arrangement: cYsmix
lyrics: 海兎 (Kaito)
vocals: miko
original title: 竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess
(Taketori Hishou ~ Lunatic Princess, Flight in the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess)
source: 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night

Brilliant な生活に憧れちゃうわ
君と私のtuning 噛み合わないの ah…

Brilliant na seikatsu ni akogarechau wa
kimi to watashi no tuning kamiawanai no ah…

I’m longing for a brilliant life
The tuning of you and me doesn’t fit, ah…

試してる ねぇ あれが欲しいの いいでしょ?
LunaのSign Megalopolis 素数を ほら数えてる
解き放つ丑の刻 Come on!
Moonlight…気付いたら GAME OVER

Mind wa iranai wa
tame shiteru nee are ga hoshii no ii desho?
Luna no Sign Megalopolis sosuu wo hora kazoeteru
tokihanatsu ushi no koku Come on!
Moonlight… kizuitara GAME OVER

I don’t need a mind
to try it, is it okay to desire that?
Sign of the moon, megalopolis, well, I’m counting prime numbers
Releasing at two o’clock, come on!
If I realize the moonlight, it’s game over

Not in Education 何時までもこうしていたい
迷い込んでく 真夜中のUndersense ah…

Not in Education itsumademo koushite itai
mayoikondeku mayonaka no Undersense ah…

Not in Education, I want to be like this forever
I’m loosing my way in the undersense of midnight, ah…

Discard 願い下げ
夜明け前 ほら ミステリアスな夢見て

Discard negai sage
yoake mae hora misuteriasu na yumemita

Discard the withdrawal
Look, I’m having a mysterious dream before dawn

LunaのSign Megalopolis 素数は ほら何だっけ?
三日月 Ilmenite Come on!
Moonlight…帰れない GAME OVER

Luna no Sign Megalopolis sosuu wa hora nandakke?
mikazuki Ilmenite Come on!
Moonlight… kaerenai GAME OVER

Sign of the moon, megalopolis, I wonder, which ones are the prime numbers?
Crescent moon, ilmenite, come on!
Moonlight…I can’t return, game over

月より Remove 雲行き Crazy
思春期 Season竹取 Distance
運命 Lunatic 箱入りのButterfly

tsuki yori Remove kumoyuki Crazy
shishunki Season taketori Distance
unmei Lunatic hakoiri no Butterfly

Remove the crazy look of the sky better than the moon
Puberty season, distance of the bamboo-cutter
Lunatic fate, a butterfly in a box

Re:Re:Re:Re: 即レスPrincess

Re:Re:Re:Re: sokuresu Princess

Re:Re:Re:Re it’s no one other than the princess

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