ABC Award (I’ve been tagged…)


Ehm, yes, this came totally unexpected, but I’ve been nominated for the “ABC Award“.

So here are the rules:
1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.
2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.
3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

Ok, let’s start:

Animals: I love animals, so not only pets. As long as they aren’t creepys, I’m not afraid of them. I don’t even have anything against spiders or snakes, but I rather prefer cute animals…

Badminton: It’s the only sport I’m good at. I might be one of the best girls in my course.

Cryu: She is my most favorite vocalist and even if she has left EastNewSound, I’ll still love her forever *-*

Drawing: One of my main hobbies is drawing. I’m more confident if I draw digitally, but I spend most of my time in drawing with pencil in classes when the teacher holds a never-ending monologue.

Editing: I think several people know me from Touhou Wiki as I’m editing in the music section. I mainly focus on the pages of my favorite circles, but I also help out with other circle pages.

Fantasy: It rather refers to the genre as it’s the first genre I really loved back then. The fact hasn’t changed much, I even think Touhou has given me more reasons to love it.

Green: I really love green, so I’m rather a nature lover, I guess. If I’d have to choose between drawing a landscape and drawing portait, I’d definitely choose the landscape with much green. (I know it doesn’t fit with the color in this entry/my blog…)

Halozy: Halozy is one of the first circles I got to know and loved since then. I also have to thank them because they’re the reason why I started to listen to Touhou Doujin Music.

Immature: One of my character traits, I guess…I think I’m quite immature and it won’t change for the next 10 years.

Japan: My ultimate goal as I want to travel to this (awesome) country someday. It’s still a hard and long way to achieve it, but it’s not impossible for me. I am also learning Japanese to prepare myself.

Knives: Eh, one word: Sakuya. (Knives are awesome)

Light-hearted: I love being light-hearted without having to worry about anyone or anything.

Mai: One of my prenames…

Nervous: Sometimes I’m quite nervous if I have to give a talk in front of my class/strangers.

Otaku: If I sum up my hobbys and character traits, then I’d almost count me as an Otaku, even if not everything applies to me.

Panko: I LOVE foods fried in panko because it makes them really crunchy! It’s the Japanese version for bread crumbs if you don’t know what “panko” is.

Quiet: (I’ve stolen this from Lena K.) I’m really quiet, so quiet that my classmates suspected me in a game called “Werwolf” (eng. translation would be Werewolf) when I talked =_=

Reimu Hakurei: She is the loveliest girl and I can identify with her the most.

Sakura: Japanese word for “Cherry Tree” or “Cherry Blossom” and I like the Kanji 桜, yeah. I’m odd…

Touhou: Would be weird if I haven’t chosen this one. I love everything about Touhou, I only dislike a certain genre. Nonetheless, I’ve played every single Touhou game (EoSD is still my fav one) and know many Touhou Doujinshi circles. I am also listening to a lot of Touhou Doujin music circles and know about almost every Touhou theme. Sometimes I still have problems to distinguish between certain characters or their names, but I know most of them and also about several to many memes.

Understating: I think I’m understating many things, but I don’t like people talking too well about themselves and exaggerate.

Vacations: Who wouldn’t like vacations? :)

Wings: I love to draw wings because they are so fluffy sometimes >_< I also love other artists drawing wings.

XIO: One of my favorite Hardcore DJs.


Zombies: Now I’ll come to a rather brutal statement: I like playing a game called “Left 4 Dead 2” where you have to kill zombies. I’d prefer to play it in multi-player mode.


Ok, to follow rule #2, I’d like to see these people to do the same thing (you don’t have to do it, but I’d be glad if you would):


3 responses to “ABC Award (I’ve been tagged…)

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  2. Panko…
    Didn’t expect you to take panko instead of potatoes :P
    But you know what I totally expected you to pick? Cryu :D
    I knew you would write about her, and now that makes me think I should have gone with Nayuta instead of Nintendo…


    • Somehow I totally forgot to reply to you…(sorry >_<')
      Ah, maybe I should combine Panko and potatoes? like…fried potatoes with crunchy bread crumbs, eh, that would be called "breaded Pommes" I think :P Perhaps it'll be my next fav food, lol. On the other hand…I've already eaten sth similar once…
      And yes! Cryu <3 oh, I think I should add nayuta too when I think back, but somehow I was in a hurry when I wrote this entry :( Now I'm regretting this…


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