C85 Anticipation

I didn’t know where to start…so the order is quite weird…and I’ve skipped several comments for some albums due to my lazyness lack of time.

Touhou Gensouka <Infinity> (XFD)
東方四重奏9 (XFD)

Again a Gensouka album, I rather expected a Keigo Kanzaki album than a Aruna Ryuki album, but this sounds nice too :)
Same staff, same arranger, same vocalists, same violin player (haha) and again diverse genres! Intro and outro are instrumental as always and judging from the preview (which isn’t much) I’d say I like track 2, 3 (Flowering Night :D), 5 (Orchestral~), 7 (KEiNA!!) and 8 (finally a Magic Mirror arrangement!). I also LOVE track 6 from the first time I listened to it <3
This album is definitely worth listening, especially for TAMUSIC fans :)
The instrumental album is classical and it sounds as it always do.


No Bossa Nova, but NuDisco, great news :3 And 3 guest arrangers? The preview sounds great, even if I had to smile at track 5 because the lyrics don’t make any sense :P
So Shibayan is back to normal, I guess?

White Elephant:
Diamond Avenged (XFD)

First I was surprised when I saw “EDM” as genre, so I was curious about the preview. Apart from the typical rock songs (4-6) and one splitted orchestral song (#2-3), track 1, 7 and 8 sound great to me. It’s nice to see Succubus going more electronic since I prefer his Trance/Electro songs more than his Rock ones.

Rolling Contact/Amazing Records:
Progressive Starbow 3 (XFD)
Party Stream (XFD)

His early free-to-download-release (Mother Ocean) sounds really good, and so do his previews. Again several instrumental electro/trance/hardcore albums, the usual thing.

Spectral Rejection (XFD)
Rewind Amnesia the Instrumental (XFD)

You can say I’m disappointed of ENS, not only that Cryu has left and so KOBATYU also doesn’t make an appearance, but ENS’ niveau has sunk. Not a single track has left a recognizable impression, the tracks do not sound bad, but also not so awesome as the songs of former albums. I’d prefer Kokuchou’s track 2 and 5, Kirin’s track 6 and Tracy’s track 7, but I don’t expect this album to be one of the best of this C85, that’s all.

Con spirito (XFD)

The PV for Bloody Moon sounds great! Other tracks are nice to listen to, especially Kirin’s track.

LiLA’c Records:

Yay!! LiLA’c!! Ok, I’m just happy about this release…Well, first I thought it would be a “speedcore” album, but I was fortunately wrong. It’s only the BPM which got speeded up, so Irus ‘speedmixed’ several songs. We already know 4 songs from previous LiLA’c releases and 1 from signum/ii’s Brighter Oath (track 8).
Even so, I still like the new songs better, the first one is quite good music-wise, I don’t really like the rapper, but Ahiru as the vocalist is definitely a plus point. Same goes for track 3, on the one hand I really like ‘Captain Murasa’ arrangements, but with Ahiru+Irus it’s just perfect! Track 4 is instrumental, track 6 sounds good :3, finally got the chance to listen to track 7, the full version of ether (hopefully), track 8 is the same as in Brighter Oath (I think since I can’t hear any differences from the preview and signum’s version), track 9 is with Sakuya, so: Love <3 and track 12 sounds surprisingly good, even if Koko isn’t my fav vocalist :)
Ah~ to conclude, this album sounds quite promising :D

Amateras Records:
Infinity Asterisk (XFD)

They took quite long for this announcement, but it definitely was worth to wait this long. Again many guest performers like Amane (Rolling Contact), cYsmix, Kirin (ENS), or Yuuma Mizonokuchi (Innocent Key/M.H.S).
MARIN also got his first appearance as an Amateras Records member, last time he wasn’t one :P Tracy+KUMI’s song sounds good (and I’m expecting a PV of this!), Yuuma’s song sounds like it always does, track 5 by cYsmix: LOVE!! <3, track 6 is a ‘Little Princess’ arrangement and it also sounds good, track 7: I don’t know Astronomical, but since it’s Sakuya who’s singing, I want to listen to the full version; a 2-minutes long edit of ‘Indomitable Spirit’ (track 8) has been already released at the music game SOUND VOLTEX II, so I already know about this one. But since it only was a short edit and had already sounded great, I’m really looking forward to the full version!
Meramipop has sung track 9 and MARIN did a good job too, and Kirin is awesome as always.
Woah, I wrote quite a lot about this album, but this just shows how I’m looking forward to listening to this album at its fullest :3

幽閉サテライト (Yuuhei Satellite):
万華鏡 (XFD for both)

I’m a bit disappointed of the first half of the preview, it’s not as good as the C84 album. Only track 2 was somehow good…But the second half sounds great! There are mostly remixes of former tracks, but e.g. the first one (万華鏡) sounds awesome! I can’t wait for the 3rd Memories of Phantasm Touhou anime either, it’s such a pleasant anticipation :D

幽閉カタルシス (Yuuhei Carthasis):
女神の口づけを (XFD)

Oh, HiZuMi’s circle seems to tend to KanColle, far better than the Miku albums since senya’s singing every track. I’m not into KanColle nor do I know about the original themes, but this album sounds great! You can also find the tracks from the early release 揺れる恋は波の如く, which already sounded superb!

TOHO R&B House Party Vol.2 (XFD)

Digital Logics invasion!! Ah, well, I somehow knew that they want to continue with R&B House Vol.2, but I’m quite disappointed of the preview. Not only that it has to start with male vocal which I’m not really fond of, they also left out all the vocalists I like…Ok, peЯoco. is still there, and Nachi Sakaue, but there’re quite a lot of instrumental tracks this time. Surprisingly there are two arrangements by Digital Logics, Yuri Yuzriha and Alinut (where’s NAGO?), especially Yuri’s track sounds great in my opininon.
To conclude, it’s only track 4 and 5 I’m looking forward to. Would be great if Halozy would make a normal album with more arrangements by sumijun again (he only got 2 of 8 on a Halozy album o_O)!

デジハロ PRIDE (XFD)

First I want to begin with the collaboration album DiGiHalo PRIDE. Well, after listening to the preview for several times, it does not sound sooo bad like it did at first.
I don’t want to comment on track 2 nor track 6 and 9 for certain reasons (and when I think of transcribing the lyrics for track 6, my motivation level drops), but to head on with track 3, which is sung by Domino Amayado, I somehow like it! (Not only because I have the impression that she’s nice in rl ehem…)Hanathan and FN2 is as awesome as always (track 4), track 5 isn’t special or anything like that, it’s just ordinary, track 7 is a Pristine Beat arrangement with Usa (♥(ノ´∀`)╯︵ ┻━┻), ehm, well, I love Usa, that’s why I will love every song of hers, plus, it’s a Pristine Beat arrangement, really looking forward to this one! 3L in track 8 does sound like 3L, it somehow has a retro-oldish sound (eurobeat+3L), don’t know how to call it.
The overall impression is two-sided, on the one hand there are a few songs I’m really looking forward to, but on the other hand there are songs I’m really disappointed of, especially the last song by crouka. Where’s the crouka I knew from EastNewSound or Old-Halozy? For example, I just love ‘Moonlight feels right’, even if it’s not the ENS-style. And before I get off topic with my complaints about the change in crouka’s style, I’ll better continue with the RAVE album, which is…well, not really good in my opinion. Even the vol.1 sounded better, but we’ll see after the full version is out.



Ehhh, 4 CDs resp. 58 Songs! It was a lot of work to write the Wiki Entry for this compilation album =_= But some of the previews sound great for me, like ENS’ or Halozy’s and Yuuhei’s :)

Sequence Club:
Star maelstrom (XFD)

Only 3 songs (and 2 instrumental versions), but Inami does great music, so it’s still forgivable. The first one is with Emii (or Emy or whatever), the second one with ℃iel. The last (or 3rd track) is instrumental EDM, and I love everything, especially the first one :)
I have to admit, I didn’t know about Sequence Club, but I got to know Inami’s circle through LiLAc’s advertisement on their page, lol^^

starlight (XFD)

I’m not really a fan of Orange★Jam, but I don’t have anything against Renko, so I wanted to give this circle a try by listening to their preview. And I don’t regret it at all, surprisingly the first song is by Kirin and it sounds soooooo good!! Track 2 to 4 and 6 sounds ordinary, not good nor bad, track 5 however has the right genre for me, so I also love this one :D
One remark, Renko’s English is pretty good and her songs are all in English, so it’s quite a good change to all the Japanese ones :)

Yonder Voice:
雨音クロスロード (XFD)

The same as usual :) I like it how she chooses only electro arranger. Again rare themes like Inanimate Dream (Yuuka :3) or Bad Apple!!.


Alstroemeria Records:

Kagerou on the cover, so awesome!! Eh, back to the music, they are really great as always. No dancehall, I think Masayoshi Minoshima quitted with the Dancehall series, but he still do great stuff. This time it’s track 3 which I love the most, the instrumental tracks and mican* in track 7 are nice too.


Diverse System:
AD:Trance 3/3.5/Remixes

GWAVE (Electro.muster):
Electro.sinker (samples)

Haha, the cover^^ The PV for track 2 already sounded great, so I’m really looking forward to the full version! Unfortunately, the “preview” only goes until track 3, so I can’t say anything about the other tracks. But judging from the samples, it really sounds promising :3

Daizzy (XFD)

J-core with yukacco, huh? Right, many composers this time, like kors k, REDALiCE and so on, and it’s recommendable for people who like Hardcore/J-core. It has a bit of ALiCE’S EMOTiON and even if it’s the first time I’m listening to HARDCORE TANO*, it was worth giving it a try.

SKETCH UP! Recordings (DJ Noriken):
One After “Another” (XFD)

This album is awesome!! As a DJ Noriken fan I’m really looking forward to this release.

S2TB Recording (kors k):
S2TB Files3:Subsonic Tribe (XFD)


No previews yet? So we have to wait after C85…

Touhou World’s Stage (XFD)
Toho Warfare:RED HEART (XFD)

I’m kinda disappointed of World’s Stage, only lapix’s song sounds interesting. The Warfare album (sister to BLACK SOUL) is the usual (Hard) Rock.

Toho Warfare:BLACK SOUL (XFD)

Same goes for this, the usual Hard Rock :)

le Grimoire De reve (XFD)

Demetori is back!! Finally! After exactly one year, but I can understand why the brothers are so busy. It seems that they’ve found time for a ‘big’ album, the last one only got one intro and two songs. In contrast to last year’s release, they managed to get one intro and 8 arrangements. It’s heavy as always, and the preview sounds promising! There are also several PC-98 theme arrangements, which are quite rare.

C-Clays/K2 Sound:
珠戯曲 Syu-Gyoku (XFD)
零雲 -Raven- (XFD)
Splash! (XFD)

燃ゆる海原 ~Sail up~ (XFD)

Liz Triangle:
カラスとウサギ (XFD)

東方保育所 & ごりら公園 & Liz Triangle:

あ~るの~と / R-note:
東方天姫響~Truck for Lightness~ (XFD)
Yoshiha Style 1 ~きみのうた~ (XFD)

まらしぃ / Marasy:

Maybe I’ll add more albums, but I don’t have the time to do it now :3

2 responses to “C85 Anticipation

  1. Ahhhh I want GWAVE!!
    Sorry for the outburst, but this is one of the albums that I’m looking forward to the most. Seems you’re at least interested in it as well hehe
    After the disappointing PV, I bet you actually enjoyed the full ENS album quite a bit, am I right or am I right? ;)
    For me the crucial factor is often the beginning of a song, which we mostly can’t hear in the PVs. And damn, ENS sure know how to start a song the right way.

    Unfortunately there’s not that much out yet, but from the stuff that has already been released, I definitely like Spectral Rejection and Infinity Asterisk the most~
    What a surprise… :P


    • I want it too!!! haha, no, I can understand why you’re so excited :3
      Yeah, surprisingly it’s not as bad as I predicted :) So you’re right^^ For me it’s mostly the intro too, but if everything else isn’t good, it can’t be helped…
      And yep! I have to second that, Amateras and ENS so far, but three songs by Alstroemeria too. You’ll see what I mean :P


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