Update 25-11-13

Hakurei Reimu (Meola), I love this artist

Hakurei Reimu (Meola), I love this artist

Hey folks,

just a little update (since the last post was one month ago).  First I’m sorry for my inactiveness recently, it’s just I’m quite busy now with all the exams and open projects. I also have to blame the winter for my lazyness inactivity because the cold makes me feel pretty uneasy and incapable of doing anything. But I haven’t done nothing in the meantime! I’ve planned to work as a translator in collaboration with Yuri in Wonderland, even if I’m not sure if it will go well with my current skills… I have also planned a ‘bigger’ project which I won’t tell anyone yet, it should be a surprise :)

Nonetheless I haven’t forgotten the things I wanted to do (as well as the unfinished wiki projects/entries), there’s just too little spare time…

and it’s cold =_= why is the winter so mean to me…

2 responses to “Update 25-11-13

  1. Awww you should work with me instead and be my translator, but that might be a little hard since I can barely translate anything :P
    Still I see this as treason!
    Hehe just kidding, I’m expecting some great works ;)
    Und iss doch bisschen Schmalzgebäck (hieß das so?) um dich aufzuwäremen ;)


    • Ah, treason?! If you had asked me I’d have helped you :P But it’s impossible for me to translate complex Japanese sentences yet, so you still have to wait several month/years until I’m able to translate properly (and you will also know much more :P).
      Ah, don’t expect too much! There isn’t much to say about it…
      Schmalzkuchen hieß es :P und leider muss ich jetzt Abendessen essen, sonst komm ich noch zu spät zum Unterricht :(


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