M3-32 (Autumn) Anticipation


My list for M3 will definitely be longer than from Kouroumu, good news.
I don’t know where to start…so let’s follow the list on doujinstyle:

ohh, cubegrams will release another album! NEW SUPER AURA has less songs than their former album ULTRA ABUNAI, but I’m still content. Again Psy-Trance only how it should be, listening to the preview once I would tend to like DJ Noriken’s track 4, Camellia’s track 5, of course Lilac’s track 6+7, 源屋’s track 9 and the last track by USAO. So this will be one of my favorite albums, I think.

Lately I’ve been listening to Diverse System, so I am also waiting for their two releases AD:DUBSTEP and AD:128. The Dubstep album doesn’t sound bad, but I would only recommend this to people who really like Dubstep. The second album AD:128 sounds more calm, it’s two CDs long and contains several for me known arrangers. Oh, the preview around 7:50 and afterwards sounds great, so it’s worth listening to the preview to the end.

Next one is Astrosynthetics by Digital Logics, I really love this one! I fell in love with the first song instandly, and the other tracks are great Trance/House compositions. Really worth listening to the preview, it’s one of the albums I’m awaiting the most. Another release by this circle is Stibnite EP, also worth listening if you like Trance/House.

Now a change of genres, slow Rock, Pop and something else by eryps, Reach feat. 茶太 & 中恵光城. I might like the first track, the others are nice to listen to, but it somehow sounds like ordinary J-Pop.

Oh my god, Sprite Recordings is gonna release EMOTIVE BRILLIANCE!!! Huh? Nhato composes Rock too? Ok, there are many for me known people and its focus is on Rock, but I’m really looking forward to it! I like nearly every track, Irus, Camellia, Nazo no Jinbutsu K, Ahiru, Meramipop, Sakuya Kurosaki, Clean Tears, Meiko Nakamura, Hotaru, cittan and co., I guess I’ll choose the last two tracks as my favorite ones, but they all sound great!

Wait, ALVINE has already released their 6th album? Well, I still want to write about this one. It’s namely a KEINA only album. I love her (voice), so I also love this album (VIBRATION), but it’s also recommendable for LC:AZE and TAMUSIC fans (this project contains the members/former members of both circle after all). The genre is pop, electro pop and Aruna Ryuki stuff, in my opinion worth listening.

Talking about LC:AZE, they are also going to release an album (rays -elemental forces-), now that Aruna has left, Mitsuhiro Tanaka has taken his place. He still has to convince me, but on this album Irus has a guest performance, so I’ll await this album too. Oh, and Irus’ song is also my favorite one so far. To conclude, this album isn’t that extraordinary, but it doesn’t harm to give it a try.

So, I thought LC:AZE’s album would be the last, but then I saw SAISEN TURN in the list. The preview for their album TOP SHOGUN 3 doesn’t sound as ordinary as Alstroemeria Records nor ALiCE’S EMOTiON albums, but I still recommend this for ALR/AE fans.

No LiLA’c Records this time :(

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