Anticipation: Touhou Kouroumu 9



It’s almost one week until Touhou Kouroumu 9 (13th October), but there are merely few albums which caught my attention…
One of the first releases were Yuuhei Satellite’s 束縛アネモネーション (Sokubaku Anemonation) , finally an arrangement of “The Fantastic Tales from Tono”!!
Track 1 by Iceon is as awesome as always and even if track 2 (by Autobahn) has elements of Dubstep, it does sound great! The the last track is a remix of 彼岸花, originally by HiZuMi, but now I can’t decide which one’s better…
All in all a typical Yuuhei Satellite album, no deitarabotchi this time but Iceon+2 great tracks by Autobahn.

Now a change of genres: TAMUSIC’s gonna release 華麗な東方子守唄 (Kirei na Touhou Komoriuta), an album containing rather calm and relaxing arrangements. Well, it’s title is “Splendid Touhou Lullaby” and to conclude, it’s a classical instrumental album with piano and violin arrangements of common themes as well as rather rare ones. Track 8 sounds interesting for me (as it’s a “Bamboo Forest of the Full Moon” arrangement), nonetheless it’s recommendable for all classical and TAMUSIC fans.

So we had Electro and Classical so far, but there’s one genre missing (which doesn’t have anything in common with the other two): Metal!!
No sight of Demetori and UI-70 yet, but after a long time finally a metal album by SOUND HOLIC. After Metallical Astronomy and Metallic Vampire comes Metallical Animism, a full Subterranean Animism arrangement album. The preview sounds quite promising and I wonder if this release will even surpass the previous two metal albums. Despite the vocalists are only YURiCa (aka Hanathan) and Nana Takahashi, it’s a nice and fitting change between hard instrumental guitar songs, YURiCa and Nana. My favorites so far: track 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, oh, nearly every track, but they all sound so nice!
Concluding, this album is my K-9 favorite and a must for all metal/rock fans (and Nana&YURiCa/Hanathan fans too).#

Edit 12-10-13:

Another album which showed up pretty late is プレイリスト① (Playlist 1), a collaboration work between Sally, monochrome-coat, 鶫-tsugumi-, AdamKadmon, Planet+ and UnderseaGirl. It contains typical Rock songs and even if I’m not familiar with most of the arrangers/vocalists, it doesn’t sound bad. Well, maybe because I’m not really used to listening to Rock, I think of this as another ordinary Rock album. Chata’s first song sounds a bit too slow for me, but it’s nice listening to her voice. The second track sounds great due to its original theme “Heian Alien” (and Meramipop). I also like track 4 as it is Sekibaki’s theme and track 6 which sounds rather “hard”.
Finally, this album is worth listening, not my absolute favorite album of this convention, but you should give it a try since there’s no harm in listening to Rock.

That’s it for the moment. It doesn’t seem like there will be more albums I’ll listen to.


2 responses to “Anticipation: Touhou Kouroumu 9

  1. This Kouroumu really doesn’t look all that promising…
    The only thing that I’m waiting for is Yuuhei Satellite’s Sokubaku Anemonation and that’s it.
    How disappointing…
    I want a new Lila’c album and I want it now!
    Oh and a new Shibayan please, but no Boss Nova … :(


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