Nothing here?!


Yes, this blog is still under construction due to my lack of ideas and time.

As this site is being created out of a whim and pure boredom, it’s still in progress and doesn’t have a clear purpose, but I’ll try to find one.
So I’ll come to my plans now:

First I thought of a lyrics site, but my current Japanese level doesn’t allow me to translate from Japanese to English, so I can imagine to make full album transcriptions with Kanji and Romaji lyrics, like Shini-tan’s blog.
But this will take much time, so I can’t promise to be able to work at full speed since I’m busy with my real life other things.

Nevertheless I’ll try to finish several albums as examples first, so that you’ll have an impression what I’m doing here. It’d mostly be Touhou (I’m quite fond of Touhou arrangements), but original Doujin music would be possible too.
Oh, and I suppose that I’ll also do anticipations/wish lists of the events I’m following (Comiket, Reitaisai, Touhou Kouroumu and M3), so let’s see what the future brings.

And thanks for reading this far, I’m quite unknown here, yep, I’m just another Touhou fan who lurks around the Wiki pretty often, pleased to meet you. Feel free to visit me on my other profiles too, thanks, and maybe see ya.

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